Gangsta Boo On VERZUZ: “I Didn’t Instigate It, That’s Just How We Talk In Memphis”

Gangsta Boo

Gangsta Boo discusses what happened on stage when the fight broke out at VERZUZ, what it meant to have Eminem on a song, and more!

Gangsta Boo deserves all her flowers… and then some! Joining the legendary hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia at just age 14, coining the iconic “yeah hoe!” ad lib, the Memphis native boasts legendary status, continuing to stay relevant decades on end into her career. 

In fact, the recent VERZUZ between Three 6 Mafia and Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony saw Gangsta Boo on stage alongside Juicy J and DJ Paul for a highly-anticipated reunion for the books.

Gangsta Boo truly lives up to her name, arguably one of the pioneers of female gangster rap, talking her s### unapologetically while inspiring other females to do the same. To date, she’s had standout collaborations with everyone including Yelawolf, Eminem, Outkast… and even had the opportunity to tour the world with Run The Jewels.

Fast forward to 2022, Gangsta Boo has been active as ever, recently performing at Rolling Loud, doing Drink Champs, all while preparing her new album titled The Booprint.

On the 43rd episode of Shirley’s Temple, Gangsta Boo discusses what happened on stage when the fight broke out at VERZUZ, what it meant to have Eminem on a song, and more!

AllHipHop: I know your Instagram was down. You on TikTok?

Gangsta Boo: I do have a TikTok page, but I don’t know what to do with it. It’s too much girl, I be watching true crime stories. I’m about to do a true crime podcast, I’m into that. That’s manifested in my head. I haven’t started, but that’s what I want to do eventually. Try it at least, do a test shoot. I like watching true crime podcasts. There’s a lot of cool podcasts out there. Chicks just be in their living room or bedroom with some cool ass stories. Well, obviously bad stories, but it’s interesting. It’s definitely f###### bad stories. 

AllHipHop: My puppy Slim is named after Eminem. I know you guys have a song together.

Gangsta Boo: Yes, I’m a fan. I’m a huge fan. Me, him, and Yelawolf, we got a song together. It was pretty cool to hear him say my name. It was his first album, he ended up putting Eminem on the song and I was like oh s###. I’ll never forget.

Because I didn’t know if he really was going to be on the song, but I heard he was. I remember I woke up, it was Twitter, and it was a bunch of Slim Shady people. I woke up like oh, the song must be out, because I had a bunch of Team Shady. They were all in my Twitter, crazy. That was a pretty cool experience. 

AllHipHop: What was your reaction when you heard the song back, with Em’s verse?

Gangsta Boo: I was pumped. The way he said my name, I was pumped. I’m always pumped when I get recognized and honored by cool people that I respect, it’s an honor. 

AllHipHop: You ever do ecstasy? 

Gangsta Boo: On some real s###, I haven’t done an x pill in over 15 years ago. When they first came out and s###. When they started going to double stacks, triple stacks, this stack, that stack, I was good. They started doing too much, the mixing and stuff. 

AllHipHop: I know artists who make their best stuff off molly. 

Gangsta Boo: I don’t even f### with that. You know what it is with me? I don’t like doing stuff that sits in your system. I don’t want to be high. Sometimes when you drink, I could stop and it’ll fade away. That x s###, it’ll stay in you. It’s a weird vibe the next day. Sometimes it makes you too emo, you can’t control the mood. You can, but it just don’t work for me. You’ll be all over that place on that m###########.

AllHipHop: How young were you when you joined Three 6 Mafia? 14?

Gangsta Boo: Yes, I was 14. That’s why I’m so chill, I used to be crunk as hell. 

AllHipHop: Define crunk for us. 

Gangsta Boo: S###, crunk. Just wild, willing and ready to do whatever… that’s safe. [laughs] Just wild, party all the time. Smoke a thousand blunts. Just party, like the LA folks. 

AllHipHop: Do they be partying?!

Gangsta Boo: I was out here one time at a party a few years ago and I saw a bowl of Peruvian coke, molly. It was like the movies. I always heard about that, it was a bowl of everything. I only heard stories like that and I actually saw it in person like yo, this is crazy. It was a really nice ass f###### party, and people were partying. 

AllHipHop: What’s a party in Memphis like?

Gangsta Boo: A lot of gangster walking, a lot of Memphis music, a lot of mayne, like, what’s up, mayne? And a lot of weeds. Smoke. Yes, ????

AllHipHop: Can we get a crazy tour memory?

Gangsta Boo: I’m really trying to think. To be honest, all of them are pretty wild. The thing is, we perform and then we roll. The wildest performance story was obviously at the f###### VERZUZ. That was one of my wildest performance stories of all time. [laughs] Jesus Christ, but shout out to Bone. That’s who we got into it with at the VERZUZ, aka wildest performance moment. 

AllHipHop: People were saying Gangsta Boo instigated that s###!

Gangsta Boo: I know! It was surreal. I was wondering did Paul or Juicy set it up? Was it fake? I just couldn’t believe a water bottle came our way. I didn’t watch it until a few days later after we did it. S###, it was surreal. It’s still surreal. I watched it the other day, I watched the fight part. But no, I didn’t instigate it. That’s just how we talk in Memphis. When s### happens, we get loud and black out a little bit. 

AllHipHop: I saw you say you blacked out on VLAD TV.

Gangsta Boo: Exactly, that’s the truth. I be blacking out and s###. I looked at that s### like damn, my voice is pretty loud. That’s definitely one of my wildest performances, and I almost fell before. [laughs] I had on some boots, I was running out on the stage. It was in LA at a festival. I was with Run The Jewels. They’re bringing me out, Travis Barker might have been playing the drums.

AllHipHop: I love Travis Barker!

Gangsta Boo: Yeah me too man, I like him a lot. He’s super f###### dope. But I didn’t do it. Thank God I did not fall. I was on my Beyonce. I stumbled, but I kept on strutting. That’s really it. I don’t have too many wild stories, thank God. No shootouts, nothing like that. Everything’s been super cool. It’s been a couple of while afterparties, but that’s bedroom talk. We’ll have to do a show called Bedroom Talk or Pillow Talk with Boo. Some bedroom secrets. [laughs]

AllHipHop: “Pillow Talk” by Kid Cudi is one of my favorite songs.

Gangsta Boo: I got a song called “Pillow Talk” too. Did it a while ago. It’s me, 8Ball, and Maino. 

AllHipHop: Back to VERZUZ, was there any fear on stage?

Gangsta Boo: Nah. Fear of not getting my backend, yeah. That was the only fear I had, not getting my m############ money. That’s why I was mad as hell. We done got fresh as f###, everybody in town. The only fear I had was not getting paid, and really the show ending. That was my fear. I didn’t even really notice it was a fight. That part is blurry, until I actually saw it on TV. But no, I didn’t have no fear other than the show is about to f###### end because of this n*gga. Damn, this sucks.

AllHipHop: What was the most meaningful moment for you? Being able to come together decades later, that’s a beautiful moment.

Gangsta Boo: Just walking out on the stage. Just being a part of that moment, no matter what. It seemed like I’m always being a part of some cool ass moments and I always be myself. Stay true to yourself y’all, it’ll always work.