Is Lola Brooke The Next Queen Of Brooklyn? Check This Interview!

Lola Brooke

Check how this BK shorty is about to change the game.

Lil Kim said it best … Brooklyn is the home of the greatest rappers.

There is a legacy in the borough that has curated extraordinary emcees, some that you’ve heard of and some that will forever be lore of the streets.

Biggie. Jay-Z. Fab. AZ. Big Daddy Kane. Joey Badazz. Pop Smoke.

While we can go on and on about the dudes out of Kings County, we can’t forget the females’ impact in the space. MC Lyte. Foxy Brown. Again, Lil Kim and now Lola Brooke.

Straight out of Bedford-Stuyvesant, the pint-size emcee brings more to the table than good looks and a rugged flow. Lola is a complete artist — with a pen, versatile style, and desire to be great. No … scratch that. A desire to be extraordinary.

Just ask her, and she will tell that she is the child of DMX and Lil Kim, two of Hip-Hop’s most extraordinary artists.

Kim’s name comes up a lot with Lola because she seems to be carrying the torch in her honor. The only difference is, there is no male crew behind her.

What she does have is a whole hood, rooting for her to win.
In an exclusive interview with’s Nikki Duncan-Smith, she talks about her journey, her process in the booth, celebrates a few milestones in her career (this year she appeared on four stages at SXSW, one of the most respected music festivals in the world) and talks about scamming to get a little person’s check with Lil Nikki (who is taller than she by ¼ inch).

Check out the interview here: