Jhonni Blaze Talks Twerking For Tory Lanez, New Single “Yea” And Blowing Up OnlyFans

Jhonni Blaze wants everyone to know she is not defined by her role on “Love & Hip Hop.” Take a look at this Q&A the rapper. about her new single “Yea”

Additional reporting by Marvin “Shadi” Powers (@ogshadipowers)

Throughout the history of time, some of our greatest artists, geniuses, and creators have been labeled and judged by the general public.

Jhonni Blaze, a voluptuous modern-day muse, has become a recognizable celebrity, in her own right, thanks to her appearances on “Love & Hip Hop New York” and “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

Johnni has gone from being the “turn up queen” on “Love & Hip Hop New York” to becoming a multi-millionaire thanks to her various business ventures, including her successful OnlyFans page and a brand new track titled “Yea.”

Before thousands of jobless and quarantined amateurs turned to the platform to cam during the quarantine, Jhonni was earning millions with her risque videos.

Jhonni also took down a $25,000 bag last week, when she was crowned the winner of Tory Lanez twerking contest on his hit show Quarantine Radio after putting a hookah pipe between her bunz to the Toronto rap star’s utter amazement.

Jhonni Blaze has arrived, like it or not and she really, “don’t give a f##k” as she so colorfully puts it, she’s not here to do it nobody’s way but her own.

Jhonni Blaze wants everyone to know that she is not defined by her role on “Love & Hip Hop.” Take a look at this Q&A the rapper about her new single “Yea?”, twerking for Tory Lanez and more.

AllHipHop: Now I want to talk about, you know this Quarantine Radio twerk work off  and you winning. Why? You came in like a vet, they got mad.

Jhonni Blaze: No it’s me. It’s just me. When you’re so confident in yourself and you know what you’re worth and you know what you stand for, it’s just, it is what it is. I stand on what I’m saying. I’m that b##ch. I am that girl. I’m her, I’m Jhonni Blaze. That is me.

It’s like, people can be intimidated by that because they don’t think that much highly of themselves. Somebody that thinks lower of themselves and see somebody with a high spirit and good energy and all that s##t. They’re like, “Well, damn.” But they’re not realizing that they need to look within themselves.

I didn’t do anything to nobody. I wanted $25,000 and I was like, “Oh you can give half to COVID, then I gave the rest to cancer patient like a hospital and stuff because my mom had cancer and she beat it three times. That was my motive. That was genuine from my heart and it’s just like the girls just went left… I used to be just in the strip world and be like, “Oh I’m going to just strip and make my money and not…” What are you doing? What are you doing after that? And maybe that’s all they know. Just dancing and partying and freaking posting and just being popular. I’m bigger than that and that’s not that I’m bigger than them, I’m bigger than that.

AllHipHop: Yeah but a bigger cause, a bigger calling.

Jhonni Blaze: My whole thing of twerking on Tory Lanez Live was to get people’s attention. You do something to bring people in because attention span for a human being is like that.

AllHipHop: Especially with social media, it’s so short.

Jhonni Blaze: You know what I’m saying? Yeah. Like Amber Rose, she went and put her damn hand on her v##### and then that was the topic, and then the next thing you know, Mariah Carey’s sung one of her favorite songs in the world and now that’s popular. It’s attention span. Like that’s it. We forget about it. With me is just really building and freaking just going out there. When they did that to me, I was just like, bro, I got bigger s##t. If y’all want to talk about some singing, it’s, play the piano. Honey, we could go at this all day and that’s my speed because I like s##t like that. That’s my heart, that’s my passion.

But I’m not about to argue with nobody about some twerk contest that I won and I gave my money away. I’m not that. I won’t sit on it. My main thing when people came back to my page on live, it was like, “Well, let’s see if Jhonni is going to black out. I was up there listening to EDM music and Etta James. I’m different, I just don’t care about anything negative. If it’s negative, I don’t want to be a part of it.

AllHipHop: Now, here’s my question. Right? You won and you killed it. I don’t know if you want to talk any further about this, but do you feel like, well, was there any point in which Tory was like, “Jhonni, I think you’re f##king hot” and maybe wanted to take it a step further…

Jhonni Blaze: No, me and Tory will always be friends. I think people from my history either know not to play with me or even just be like…and its not like, Oh, I’ll black out on or nothing. It’s just like-

AllHipHop: They know boundaries.

Jhonni Blaze: Yes. She’s just cool and Tory’s like that. You know what I’m saying.

AllHipHop: He seems to be.

Jhonni Blaze: Yeah, I have somebody I talk to and I don’t tell nobody. I refuse to tell nobody because I cherish it and it’s important to me and that person means a lot to me. And every time I expose or show my relationships or somebody-

AllHipHop: Yeah, it could go downhill.

Jhonni Blaze: My own people, I’m thinking my friends is DM’in the person or they’re following them, or they’re saying something that they already know about me and I just don’t… I mean the person already knows everything about me, but it’s just I don’t want nothing negative coming my way. I don’t care about nothing else but my family, my money, my time and my music. If it’s not that, I ain’t worried about it.

AllHipHop: So, we have a question… What’s the biggest misconception of you?

Jhonni Blaze: S##t, I don’t know, a bunch of stuff. I don’t know, I don’t really look into what people, what their misconception of me is.

AllHipHop: So what are you working on now? What is new coming from Jhonni?

Jhonni Blaze: I already did my project. I was supposed to been dropped it last month, but all this stuff going on, I just spaced it out a little bit and still can drop an EP, but I’m still recording. So, I dropped a single, “Yea” and then now we’re pushing that and then we’ll probably drop one more single and then push out. But I’m just recording. It’s all about just making hits and making them matter and not just recording just to record.

AllHipHop: Right. I have a question for you, what’s your favorite song to sing when you’re just in your house cleaning?

Jhonni Blaze: Mariah Carey, “Vision Of Love.”

AllHipHop: No way. Oh my God. Can we get a little, little something from you?

Jhonni Blaze: My dad used to make me sing this song when I was a kid and I knew that my voice wasn’t strong enough yet. So, over time I was like, “I got it.” But it’s a Mariah Carey song.

AllHipHop: I feel like you definitely spent years proving yourself or maybe not meaning to, but feeling like you had to. I think you also spent years trying to maybe rebuild some sort of reputation.

Jhonni Blaze: Yeah, just rebranding. It’s not for anybody else’s it’s for myself. The best thing in life with careers and your life and stuff like that, is you building. The biggest thing you have to focus on is mental. So, my biggest change for me was my mental health. Just focusing on what matters, what do I love, what’s my passion, am I willing to give up things. And I actually gave up stripping and found the OnlyFans. And I’m like, well you know what? Now I’m not in a strip club no more, so nobody gets to come there. I could just twerk, do twerk videos…

AllHipHop: So, what does the rest of this year look like? I mean, obviously we don’t really know. We have COVID and all this other stuff, but-

Jhonni Blaze: S##t. I do. Making money…. social media, marketing… Marketing guru. I don’t think nobody should ever let it stop you.