Luke Campbell: The Man, The Mouth

Luther Campbell has seen more in his 20 year career than perhaps any single person in the rap game. He has seen the top of the game after coming from the bottom, straight outta Miami’s Liberty City. Beef? Luke almost invented the concept. The rapper took on the U.S. Government, a President, Senators, not to […]

Luther Campbell

has seen more in his 20 year career than perhaps any single person in the rap

game. He has seen the top of the game after coming from the bottom, straight

outta Miami’s Liberty City. Beef? Luke almost invented the concept. The rapper

took on the U.S. Government, a President, Senators, not to mention the rappers

he has taken on.

Now with some years

behind him, Luke is coaching a kid’s football team and raising money for programs

dedicated to improving the lives of kids. With a tell all book and 20th Anniversary

album on the way, don’t think Luke has lost his step. Miami’s original bad boy

is back.

I got this report on you coaching a high school little league football team

Luther Campbell:

Basically I’ve ran a program since 14 years ago in Liberty City. Really what

happened was people just found out that I was coaching the team that my son

plays on in Miami Lakes. For the last 3 years they been trying to get me to

coach. I’m like a founder of my program, so I was kind of caught up between

how would it look if. I’m the founder of my program which really, we go year

round baseball, football, basketball and track. I was kind of caught in between

okay, should I do it or should I not do it. I know so much about football. One

of the coaches got a team and they asked me to coach, so basically I’m out there

coaching anyway. I just went on ahead and got certified and started coaching.

The kids are 10 and 11. A 90 pound football team.

Do they know about your legacy in the rap game?

LC: Yeah a lot

of the kids know and their parents know. A lot of their parents grew up to the

music and after all, this year is my 20th anniversary. I’m pretty sure I might

of had something to do with them coming in to the world. They know the music.

I did a song for the Dolphins called "Run Ricky Run." What we doing

down here is I’m taking the song and r- doing it where we will sell the song

at the stadium and all the proceeds will got to the programs like the one my

son is in. Those programs run short of money every year. Hopefully my record

that I do, people buy at the stadium locally and donate all the proceeds to

these different charities to make sure they succeed.

What do you have planned for your 20th anniversary?

LC: I’ma do a 20th

Anniversary weekend. I got certain clubs real famous clubs down here. I started

off DJing at the parties so each one of the things that I started and that people

know about, we gonna re-live those things on the weekend.

I also heard you have some words for Snoop Dogg on your new album.

LC: I was a bit

offended by one of the little pranks they did on the show (Doggyfizzle Televizzle)

and they said I was a washed up rapper. I got a problem with that and everybody

in my camp had a problem with that. He was cool with us and we thought he had

enough respect for me not to do something like that, being that he’s on all

these "Girls Gone Wild" videos, which is a take off of my "Freak

Show" videos and our peep shows. On this album it’s gonna be a serious

emphasis on people like him saying slick things. The way I think, hip-hop needs

to be brought back into perspective as for what it used to be. I wanna give

my opinion about the state of hip-hop. I think a lot of that is missing. I’m

saying a lot of things to alot of people and hopefully they hear it and they

wont be offended by it cuz I aint doing nothing but telling the truth. From

Snoop on down to Puffy to everybody else. I got something to say. A lot of people

calling theirselves pimps. I’m adressing that. Saying you a pimp and your a

player. Its a lot of things I’m addressing on this album.

What is your take on that because the pimp is being labeled the new "gangsta"

of rap.

LC: I got a problem

with that. Its bananas that I sit there and I look at some of these magazines.

Guys talking bout they pimps and Don Juan giving out cups to everybody. You

can buy it online now and that makes you a pimp. All they need to do is define

what a pimp is. A pimp is a person who prostitutes women. The women sell their

body and they make their money and give it to the pimp and the pimp gives the

girl what he wants to give the girl. All theses guys are claiming that they

pimps and their not pimps. On one song they say they a pimp, the next song they

say "oh Ima take you shopping, buy you clothes, buy you this. That makes

you a trick and a pimp. I don’t get that, so I think it needs to be said because

aint nobody else saying it.

Did you ever get

into the pimp game at all?

LC: Never got in

the pimp game. People thought I was a pimp because I always had girls at strip

clubs and all my girls hustle. What I do is not pimping because I don’t take

their money. I pay them to dance for me. What they do on the side while they

are at a party, at a club, at a show and what they do on the side is their thing.

They pimping theirselves and I aint mad at that. That’s their business. They

don’t go and get with no rappers and then come to me and give me they money.

No no no . I take them out and I pay them. They automatically get their bread

and when they get to these sucker rappers who wanna be with a Luke girl, they

become one of their tricks. That’s some of the stuff that’s in the my book,

"Uncle Luke Campbell’s Chicken Soup." I’m telling stories on a whole

lot of people that was tricks. We got quite a few things going on. People gonna

be mad. They gonna be like damn. I’m calling it like it is.

Wassup with Gloria Velez? I interviewed her and she had some beef with you over

a video.

LC: That girl was

one of my dancers. All the other dancers went around danced after the show,

they have sex with men for money or other things. She was one of the very nice

looking girls and I got her on videos. I took her personally and I called her

from the strip club, because she was working in West Palm beach. Jay-Z came

down here and did one of his videos. They came by my office and was like "I

need some girls." Called her up and she called some of her friends and

we put her down put her in that video. Before she know it she blew up from that.

The Luke Freak Show Cancun video where we took her to Cancun with four other

girls, because we was shooting a tape with Ray Lewis, Cedric the Entertainer

and Vince Carter. All of these people are on this tape. All we were going to

do was the bikini contest. So we were shooting all around town and these girls

are doing wild sh*t. The Luke girls doing what they do and she was one of them.

She’s on the tape. She freaking eating p*ssy, getting her p*ssy ate, freaking

all the guys, freaking other girls, turning girls out. She’s on the f*cking

tape. The tape comes out, aint nobody got a problem and everybody’s cool. Now

she wants to get into the music business and she wanna tell these guys who she

with that all these rap executives just see her as the girl on the videos. They

don’t know she was a Luke dancer and then when they get her, they take her around

these cats showcasing her and then somebody pulls her coat. She feels like the

damn tape is f*cking her up and the tape really blew her up. I keep talling

her, "if you a freak and a hoe thats what you are." It aint like she

started right there. She was doing that before I met her.

So she signed a release for that?

LC: She signed

everything. We took her over there. Paid for her and everything that she was

doing. I tell all of them, "If I did something illegal take me to f*cking

court. It only take $35 to go file a lawsuit." Then when you do that, hey

just know what you are doing because I got a gang of f*cking lawyers. Then the

truth gonna really come out about your ass. All the Luke girls are proud of

being a Luke girl. They get in the doors most girls cant get in and then their

prices go up in the club.

So when does the book come out?

LC: We don’t have

a day on the book yet but its gonna be sometime next year.

Its already written?

LC: It’s being finished now. We tried to interview Queen Latifah for the book

but she kinda turned it down. Queen is my girl. I aint gonna f*ck with her because

we got some stories too. I respect why she would turn it down. Queen is fitting

to be our next superstar and I cant even f*ck with that. We got stories. I wont

even f*ck with them cuz she fittin to get with Will Smith. Ill leave that alone.

I’m getting everyone else. After the beef with me and Suge Knight, they came

down the superbowl weekend 95. We had a sit down. All that sh*t is in the book.

We had a sit down with Suge and a couple other people. He had snoop and Tha

Dogg Pound with him. That whole thing is in that book right thurr.