Mysonne Discusses Rappers Getting Trapped By Vlad TV Interviews; Chides Akademiks

Mysonne is not holding anything back about VladTV or the people that get on the platform and talk about the crimes they have committed or the drugs they’ve sold.

(AllHipHop Features) Mysonne was one of the first celebrities that helped bring DJ Vlad to the masses after he first got out of prison, but the rapper says it is your fault if you let an interview with the platform get you in legal trouble. 

Mysonne explained why and how Vlad moves and it’s far more basic than you can ever imagine. He charges that Vlad is simply fascinated by Black culture.

“I tell people, “You know Vlad’s platform.” He’s never changed with this platform from the beginning, you know? But what I do say and people (criticize me like), “Yo, you criticize Akademiks.” What I do say is that Vlad don’t put words in your mouth. You know what I’m saying? He don’t. He doesn’t sit there and can make commentary that puts people against each other (like Akademiks). Whatever you say on Vlad’s platform is what he pushes. He doesn’t edit it. What he will do is put a title as clickbait because he knows that you’re going to click in and see what somebody says. Now that whatever they said there, he said it would probably not in a context that you read it in. So I’ve had this conversation with a lot of different people and they show you, “Oh, that’s disingenuous.” It’s not really disingenuous. He understands his dynamics. He understands his platform. Now if you go up there and you have an interview with Vlad and you talk and you say, “I’m not answering that or this and that.” He can’t tell you to say nothing, but you go up there and you talk about s### that you did in crime and he’s a white boy that he was interested – he’s like “For real?,” if you have a conversation with most white boys about s### that goes on in the hood, they’re going to keep asking you.”

“Nobody ain’t tell R. Kelly don’t say this and that when he was getting interviewed. You want to see what the f#ck he got to say. That’s what journalism is about. Journalism is not about you sitting here, you know, trying to um, censor somebody from their actual thoughts. You wanna you want to hear what the person that’s up there really is about.”

The rapper took it a step farther and said those that actually talk to Vlad must be responsible for themselves when they are conducting an interview. Check out the full interview with Mys. 

The Bronx-bred rapper also made a distinction between his friend Vlad and his adversary DJ Akademiks, who he’s has been extremely critical of in the past.

“So he’s not there to censor you. Academiks don’t even be interviewing nobody. This n****s up there talking about beefs that somebody else had and who was scared of this person and they went back. You don’t know what the f###. If somebody was scared, you don’t know what happened. You don’t even know what people, you won’t even talk to those people face to face.”

[Akademiks] ain’t going nowhere by those people [he gossips about]. He’s never even sat and did an interview with those people. Do people that Vlad [talks to] he’s face-to-face interviewing with them. He calls me, “Yo, I want to interview you. I want to get your take.” [Akademiks] is up there talking about “Such and such ran, any shot. And they’re f#ckin’ scared and he’s the man [in his Akademiks voice.]” And like “What are you talking about!” Now, you got n#ggas mad.

In this interview, the “Gangsta But Woke” rapper speaks on a myriad of topics, including the Jay-Z/ NFL / Colin Kaepernick drama. The rapper also updates on how activists get money and how he’s doing as one of New York’s premier rappers. Lastly, Mysonne talks about Chikesia Clemons and the Waffle House police case as well as the plight Black men face in this overtly hostile and racist atmosphere.