CL Smooth: Broken Atoms

The music industry is notorious for breaking up relationships. Friendships and family ties have went down in the ball of flames due to the inner strife that the industry is sickened with. The dynamic duo of Pete Rock & CL Smooth is no different. Pete Rock, one of Hip-Hop’s most celebrated underground producers, recently went […]

WC & Felli Fel: West Up

If one were to peruse Billboard’s hip-hop singles charts, they’d probably think West Coast hip-hop was extinct. The fact that the Left has only a handful of consistent chart-toppers that keep the West alive might have some under the impression that West coast mc’s have nothing to offer but regurgitated gangstaism. Those who listen to […]

AllHipHop Week 2004

Chuck ‘Jigsaw’ Creekmur and “Grouchy” Greg Watkins, co-CEO’s of formally announces its First Annual AllHipHop Week, which will include voter registration, Breeding Ground Live, The Social Lounge, the 2nd Annual BBQ and others special events. Jigsaw and Grouchy said the week wasn’t even supposed to be. “We never intended to have a week, but […]

The Heatmakerz: Flame On!

There are certain songs that have longevity in the clubs. These are called 2 o-clock records, because at 2 AM, when the party is just hitting its peak, these are the songs that get thrown on. “Dipset Anthem” was one of those songs. The Heatmakerz, a Bronx-bred production team who’ve been behind much of the […]

Remy Martin: The Champ Is Here

During Jay-Z and Nas’s battle of boasts, Jay would often compare their lyrical tirades to boxing. Although his comments were made partially to quell the fears of another battle potentially going wrong (Biggie/’Pac), for the most part, his assertion was correct. For instance, rappers spend just as many hours recording in the studio as boxers […]

Nas Part 2: Fear & Loving

It’s been ten years since the prophet of hip-hop breathed new life into the game with the release of his instant classic Illmatic. Dropping science, dropping emcees and sometimes even dropping the ball, Nas takes it all in stride as he prepares to release a double disk CD to celebrate the past decade of delivering […]

Nas: Street’s Disciple Pt. 1

Since Stillmatic, Nas has been continuously beating life into heart of Hip-Hop. Recent tracks like “Get Down” and “Thief’s Theme” proof that rap courses through his veins. Known for his reserved ways, Nas rarely talks about the insides of the game, not to mention his life. Usually, it’s all business and music. But, Nas has […]

Jim Jones: Diplomatic Immunity

Whether he’s traveling the country, pent up in the studio, strategizing the next corporate hustle, or just out on the daily grind with his Dipset fam, Jim Jones knows that his role in the world doesn’t stop at ‘artist’. The capricious Capo of Harlem’s heavily hyped Diplomats crew never sleeps on opportunity, and he’ll be […]

Mase: Lord Willin’

Hip-Hop’s prodigal son has returned. Mase exited the rap game five years ago after experiencing tremendous multi-platinum success with his album, Harlem World. He was Bad Boy Records’ marquee artist during the windfall after the death of Biggie Smalls. Before his sophomore CD, Double Up, emerged a couple of years later, Mase had hung up […]

Lil’ Flip: Down & Dirty

Flip is coping with success the best way he can. After a decade’s worth of grinding, he moved to major status and has dealt with the roller coaster called fame. With a local following threaded in street credibility, there was beef and rap tofu knocking on his front door. In a recent interview with, […]