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Junior Mafia: Reign Showers

The story of the Mafia has been told countless times. Brooklyn-based group founded by Notorious B.I.G. emerges to, not only back the legendary rapper, by to go on to gold and platinum success. Tragedy strikes. Group members regroup but some eventually splinter off. Neither B.I.G. and Kim nor are with the group any more. With […]

Jae-Millz: Living Lessons…

Harlem’s smoke is still rising. But this time the fire burns from the rap industry’s latest artist, battle rapper Jae Millz. Our first introduction to Jae Millz on a mainstream level stems from his guest appearance on P.Diddy’s “Making the Band,” when he went toe-to-toe against the group captain Ness. However, Jae Millz is ready […]

Paris : Jagged Pill

California-based emcee Paris is a throwback to an era when red, black and green medallions were standard issue, and hip hop, still a pre-teen, was deemed unmarketable and something to be feared by corporate America. In 1990, Paris released his debut album and single, The Devil Made Me Do It, and became part of a […]