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Ras Kass: Lock Down

On the cover of his first LP, 1996’s Soul On Ice, super emcee Ras Kass ominously appears reclining in the belly of the beast – behind jail bars. Even back then, Ras’ artistic efforts were pushed back a number of times despite the million dollar price tag, pre-album acclaim and hype. Nevertheless, through all of […]

King Gordy: Meet The Entity

Dwelling from the newly unearth underground hip hop scene of Detroit, King Gordy is determined to make you believe the name. With his hair braided into the configuration of horns and an unapologetically big-b#### crew called the Fat Killahz, King Gordy’s is not your usual emcee. His skills on the mic and who-the-f###-are-you confidence attracted […]

Crazy Legs: Rock On

Rock & Roll fans dream to be in Led Zeppelin. Baseball proteges fantasize of wearing Yankee pin stripes. But in hip-hop, no allegiance and commradry could possibly mean more than being down with the Legendary Rocksteady Crew. Crazy Legs has been down for over twenty-five live. He is the authority on hip-hop footwork and the […]