Here’s Why J. Cole Likely Left Kendrick Lamar Vs. Drake Beef So Quickly

The Big 3 - J. Cole Kendrick Lamar Drake

Did Kendrick Lamar give J. Cole some grace before things went nuclear with Drake? The rumors are going crazy right now!

So J. Cole took a lot of heat when he stepped back from the looming battle between himself, Kendrick Lamar and Drake. He apologized.

Many of us purists felt like he was a coward. I’m just keeping it real. We love J. Cole more than he realized—and that’s a fact. We wanted him to step into the ring and duke it out with the competition. We wanted him to win.

TDE’s Punch Defends J. Cole’s “Correction” Over Kendrick Lamar Diss 

However, word is J. Cole was simply tipped off and told to stand down. How did this happen? When he openly and honestly apologized at the Dreamville Festival to Kendrick Lamar, it sounded very innocent and sincere. It sounded like, “I do not want to disrespect my old friend and brother.” And that ‘s a wonderful notion, but there might be more to it. And that’s exactly what my sources are saying—there’s so much more to it. (By the way, we have said similar things in the past as well. Now, it is coming together.)

Allegedly, ScHoolboy Q had a conversation with J. Cole at the Dreamville Festival. Our writer confirmed that ScHoolboy Q was at the festival and that they did have a conversation. She couldn’t corroborate what they talked about, but sources are telling me that they gave him a warning. I’m not specifying what kind of warning—whether it was a bullying move, a Deebo-like maneuver or just a friendly heads-up. I don’t think it matters at this point, but based on what Punch (TDE president) said, I think they gave him what he needed to hear to bow out of the battle with as much grace as possible.

All of it is starting to make sense now. J. Cole’s image and likeness are intact. He’s probably at complete and perfect peace at this moment. Drake, on the other hand, is probably looking to make a full, vengeful comeback on Kendrick Lamar. Will that happen? It’s looking crazy right now, but maybe Drake has some ace up his sleeve or a bazooka or something else.

Only time will tell. By the way…can Cole still claim to be the best?

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