SKG Returns, Talks Hot New Paul Wall Collabo & The Future


SKG drops a new track with Paul Wall and opens up to questions.

SKG is back. The Los Angeles-based lyricist, known to be once signed to the infamous Death Row Records, returns with a hit song with Houston’s very own Paul Wall. On her last foray, titled “I’m Tired,” SKG represented the harsher side of life, the year 2020 which was filled with so much stress and strife and death. That collaboration, which featured soul singer Anthony Hamilton, touched a nerve and the soul of listeners, reaching deep within the recesses of the nation’s consciousness.

The Paul Wall song – appropriately called “Big Chain, Big Grill” – is a dramatic, but a welcome departure since it’s reflective of a more positive outlook. Also, people in Texas are definitely outside. AllHipHop catches up with SKG to get the lowdown on her latest single, what is up next and what did actually takes to get with a lady like her.

AllHipHop: How and why did you link up with Paul Wall? How was your connection?

SKG:   I was in the studio working with my producer Cavi and he played me this track and as soon as I heard it had a H-Town vibe to it. So, I reached out and sent it to Paul Wall and his manager Gu and the rest is history.

AllHipHop: The video is visually stunning, but you are really just right there in Houston. What was it about Houston that made you do it there?

SKG:   Yes that’s actually one of my favorite videos. The director and videographer Keith really helped bring my vision to life! I wanted something that represented the vibe of the song and I wanted to represent Houston because when I think of the song and I listen to it that’s what it reminds me of.

AllHipHop: It has been some time since you dropped “I’m Tired” feat Anthony Hamilton. This is a different look. How do you feel these days.

SKG:   You know I always say I’m really a diverse artist. I love showcasing my diversified personality through my music.

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AllHipHop: You touch on it in “Big Chains, Big Grill,” but give us the things a man or person has to be to get with SKG?

SKG:  At this point, I’m so focused on my goals I’m just going to stay single for some years. Relationships can become a distraction and I don’t want to get into another relationship until I fully work on myself mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. I don’t want to come into no relationship with baggage and a broken soul and I don’t want no man coming to me that way neither. So at this time, can’t nobody get with SKG…I’m just focused on catching flights not feelings.

AllHipHop: What are your future plans now that it feels like the pandemic is opening up a bit. To go harder than I was going before and during the pandemic. I just put together a 25-city tour to perform my music so I’m focused on that and also working on a few TV and film projects. Just staying determined and motivated.

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