The Top 10 Most Prolific Beards in Hip-Hop


Hip-Hop has always been about looking the freshest, setting trends, and drawing attention to your style. But over the last few years, “The Beard” has emerged as one of the signature styles and trends for some of today’s top artists.

What even makes a good beard? The length of the beard? The precision of the beard? Do you have to trim it? Can you pick it out? Do you shampoo and condition it? These are all questions that we don’t necessarily have the answers for, nor do we really want to know, but we thought your might find this interesting. Check out’s “Top 10 Most Prolific Beards in Hip-Hop.”

Editor’s Note: While we recognize the beards in Hip-Hop, we also recognize that beards are common amongst those practicing the Islamic faith, and in no way do we mean to degrade the religious practice of not shaving, as shaving is often viewed by some Muslims as haraam (meaning forbidden).

10. Sean Price – We didn’t ask Sean about his beard, because he probably would have ripped our f-ing heads off, but yeah, his beard is sorta crazy. He definitely has the best beard over at Duck Down Records, his label home for some time now. Funny how his beard seems effortless, and it’s large and in charge, but nevertheless, it’s not as well known as some other beards atop our list. Read on as the beardness continues….

9. ?uestlove – One of The Roots flagship founders, holding down the drum kits for years, ?uestlove is one of several artists that made the list from Philly. Philly has long had a population of heavy beard-rocking dudes. He never seems to let it go, and it stays at a steady length. At #9 this beard is long, but it still has a ways to go before it reaches the top….

8. Sean Falyon – Sean is one of the rappers on our list that has grown his beard out of practicing the Muslim faith, and he developed a whole campaign surrounding the beard over the past few months called, “Find the Beard”.  “I have the best beard in Hip-Hop,” Sean Falyon proclaimed at SXSW this year. It’s up there, Sean, but still not as big or as well known as a few others….

7. Action Bronson – Wrecking beat after beat from Statik Selektah, chef/rapper Action Bronson has built his name up over the past few years and has developed a thick auburn beard to go along with his buzz. Growing at length amidst a haze of smoke, Action Bronson’s beard enters our list at #7  for bringing the straight fire.

6. Tone Trump – Philly again appears on the list at #6, as Tone Trump maintains the legacy of robust beards in the city known for cheesesteaks and out-of-their-mind sports fans.  Tone Trump is also Muslim and has thus decided to grow his beard as part of his religion. Tone Trump was with G-Unit Philly at one point back in the day, but confirmed that he had signed to CTE back in November 2011.

5. Ice Cube – Cube’s beard goes back to the days when he used to rock the hair grease to go with it, so we had to make sure he jumped up the list. Cube has the OG beard. The kind of beard that stood for something, the kind of beard that said, “Don’t f**k with me.” Remember Cube’s beard in Higher Learning? Check his up-and-coming beard from Boyz N the Hood below…

4. Stalley – Not only did Stalley score high on the list because his mixtape Savage Journey to the American Dream is definitely one of the hottest projects out right now, but also because his beard is the second largest beard on the list. His beard has its own buzz – c’mon thats gotta be worth something. Since signing with Ricky Rozay’s Maybach Music Group imprint, Stalley has been seen everywhere with his signature crooked C hat with the pins and his beard.

3. Rick Ross – “The Bawse,” Rick Ross. Dude’s beard is as impeccable as his movement, and probably is groomed on the hour for all the money he is bringing in. Nothing else is needed to be said about this one, because when you think of Hip-Hop beards, he’s got to be one of the first ones that come to mind. Beards are ironically popular in Miami despite the muggy heat, as a good portion of Hip-Hoppers out that direction are bearded.

2. Freeway – EARLY! He is widely regarded as one the originators of the beard in Hip-Hop, repping for Philly at the #2 spot, so we had to put Freeway in the mix. Seems like everyone started copying “Free” as his career took off,  and his beard grew longer and longer. Choosing to grow his beard as part of his Muslim faith, Freeway definitely deserves credit for holding down the beard movement years before this young crop of beards came into the game.

1. Rick Rubin – It might be time for this dude to get a cut. This is just ridiculous (but great). This man might be called Father Time after this lengthy facial growth. After making hit after hit early in Hip-Hop’s history, Rubin continues to make classic tracks every time he sits down to work in the studio. After breaking genre boundaries and co-founding Hip-Hop’s most famous label, Def Jam, he still had time to grow this amazing mass of hair, so we  gotta give it up to Rick on this one.

Honorable Mentions: DJ Drama, DJ Khaled, Black Thought, Joaquin Phoenix, Method Man, Raekwon, Matisyahu, Flo-Rida, Don Trip and Drake