Three Questions With SD


Chicago representative SD first gained national attention from his appearance in Chief Keef’s YouTube video hit “I Don’t Like.” While the 19-year-old rapper still has close personal ties with the Keef-led GBE movement, he has now started his own brand with Truly Blessed Productions.

The imprint teamed with iHipHop Distribution to release SD’s debut studio album Truly Blessed. The 15-track project follows his 3-part Life Of Savage mixtape series which have collectively totaled over 170,000 downloads on With his official LP, SD wants to give listeners greater insight to who he is and where he is from.

To get better familiar with SD, connected with the indie artist for “Three Questions.” The Windy City rapper discusses missing the impact of an iconic Hip Hop star, shares his favorite tracks from one of his musical idols, and reflects on what he is truly blessed for in his life.

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If you could go back and witness any historic moment in Hip Hop that you weren’t able to see, which moment would you pick?

When 2Pac was around. I wish I was around to see the effect he had on people. I was born in ‘94, so I was still kind of young when he was in his prime. I was able to go back and pick up on what was going on.

What are your personal five favorite tracks from 50 Cent?

“Get In My Car,” “Just A Lil A Bit,” “P.I.M.P.,” “Many Men” and “Patiently Waiting.”

One of his CDs was actually the first time I ever bought an album. The first time I actually went to a store and bought an album was The Massacre. Eminem’s Encore was the second. Matter fact, I bought both at the same time. Those were the first two albums I ever bought.

G-Unit was one of my favorite rap groups growing up. It’s good to see them back together.

What are some blessings in your life that you’re most thankful for right now?

My two kids, the position that I’m in today to be able to be a speaker and inspire other people to do things in life, and my family. Those are things I can say that I’m blessed for today.

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Order SD’s Truly Blessed on iTunes. The album is scheduled for release on November 18.

Follow SD on Twitter @SD_GBE300 and Instagram @officialsd_.

Stream SD’s Truly Blessed below.