Top 5 Dead Or Alive: Lil Kim

With Over 20 Years In The Game, The Queen Bee Knows What Makes a Dope MC

Lil Kim’s dedication to Hip-Hop is apparent. Appearing on some of the most revered contributions to the genre, The Queen Bee, has shared bars with classic contemporaries. She’s invested over twenty years into the culture. A respected and provocative reign has solidified her relevancy.

Hard Core 2014 is the latest project. Chronicling a lifetime appreciation for Hip-Hop, Lil Kim, delivers her list of  the greatest five(ish) greatest MCs.

The Notorious B.I.G.

“Of course, you know, Biggie. See, I would say Ready to Die, it’s a class. That’s hard [picking my favorite album], you know, when you say, Biggie, that’s like saying, Michael Jackson. You can’t pick one favorite album from Michael Jackson; you can’t pick one from, Biggie. I would say [that] because Life After Death had more songs on it you have to go with Life After Death. It has more songs on it. But as far as the classic album it would definitely be, Ready to Die. B.I.G. made two huge classics before he left this world. I think Life After Death is also a classic.”


“Eminem is one of my other favorite rappers. His first [commercial] album [The Marshall Mathers LP is my favorite].”

Jay Z

“He comes from the same world that I come from. We grew up in the same neighborhood. I knew him since—I actually knew Jay Z before I came into the industry. I’ve known Jay Z since I was 14 years old. So, a lot of things that he says are facts. That’s just pointblank, and it’s just like me, a lot of things that I say are facts. We know each other.  You know, he’s just a hustler by heart. He’s a hustler I just had to say that.”

Rakim/KRS-One/Nas/Big Daddy Kane/ Queen Latifah

“I also put people like Rakim, KRS-One, Nas those are also my favorites. You know what I mean, Big Daddy Kane, was one of my favorites. I mean , I can name a lot. When I was a baby listening to Hip-Hop—man, I can go on and on. But I had to narrow it down; so, I gave you that. As far as the women, we have to give the women some thought. There’s Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Roxanne Shanté—everybody—I grew up on all the females that were in the game. So, shout out to all the females who emcee.”


“Now, I would say, Drake. I can’t even front. He definitely would probably never be a friend. I don’t really like him as a person. But, he’s definitely my favorite artist right now. Drake’s got it, point-blank, period. He has that all-around factor. He has everything. He’s the complete triple threat, if you ask me.”