West Coast Legend Wildchild Talks Son Miles Brown, Madlib and Why He’s Top 5 DOA!

Miles Brown and Jack Brown aka Wildchild

Wildchild has a famous son in Miles Brown, but he has his own incredible story that has deep, roots as a Hip-Hop legend. Check out his story!

Wildchild is a legend. He came up in the realest era of rap music – the Golden Era. He was a part of a West Coast Collective that was rooted in originality and lyrics. Along the way, he became a family man – married with children. He never stopped spitting, but his focus was changed when his son Miles Brown exploded on the scene through hit show “Black-ish.”

All the while, he helped Miles to shine as an actor and even helped him record and album chock-full of legends. Now, Wildchild is back like he never left. He has recently released a new album, Omowale. Omowale is his third album, but this album attacks the social and political issues that faces America. A heavy 15 tracks, Wildchild does not flinch at detailing with it is like for a Black man in the U.S. today.

He talks to Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur about his formative years in Hip-Hop with the West Coast greats and as 1/3 of the legendary rap group Lootpack. He also delves deep into the fatherhood issue of sacrifice and dedication – while maintaining one’s sense of self. Check out this incredible interview.

Here’s a picture of Chuck Creekmur and Jack Brown at Los Angeles Comic-Con, courtesy of the author.