A Quick Story of The Effects of Kendrick Lamar’s Control Verse

A Quick Story of The Effects of Kendrick Lamar’s Control Verse

(AllHipHop News) By now, everyone living above rocks has heard Kendrick Lamar’s murderous verse on Big Sean’s “Control” where he effectively tells the Hip Hop game they are beneath him.

Though Kendrick only named ten rappers, a bevvy of others chimed in. Some took it well and others not so much.

These are the emotional and psychological effects Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse had on Hip Hop in 18 hours.

It gave Fabolous a sudden urge to find a recording studio:

…and apparently gave him amnesia of previous 24 hour recording studios he has recorded at:

It opened up Tyga’s eyes that were once admittedly blinded by the allure of money and rededicated the young MC:

Tyga Twitter

Hours later this career changing epiphany was deleted but the determination seem to not have faded away:

Mac Miller heeded Kendrick’s threat and began forgetting all nouns and verbs and began planning an adjective-only rap career:

Meek Mill accepted the challenge (without his usual exclamation marks):

First, Paul Cain took claim of Los Angeles:

Then named the songs that will be in response to Kendrick:

Then interestingly enough claimed he stopped rapping years ago:

After bouts of arrogance, Lupe Fiasco began assuming the personality of a few of the MC’s Kendrick Lamar mentioned:

PushaTLupe Twitter - LupeFiasco- Wale Rebuttal- Would trip but ...

(2) Lupe Fiasco (LupeFiasco) on Twitter

Then tweeted himself in a circle:

Lupe Fiasco (LupeFiasco) on Twitter

Then an OG came down to speak to the youngin’s:

In the end, Kendrick Lamar’s force of nature verse on Big Sean’s “Control” caused personality disorders, loss of memory of local recording studios, hurt prides and so much more.

However, over 15 hours later and it hasn’t caused one response song.