Arsenio Hall: Suge Knight’s Playful Threat To Brian Williams Was Unscripted (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) This past Sunday (February 16th) Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News ran a montage of all the late night TV talk show hosts and omitted to mention or show Arsenio Hall. On Tuesday (February 18th), himself and Suge Knight gave Williams and NBC Nightly News a stern warning and according to Hall, Knight’s part was unscripted.

During Suge’s message to veteran journalist Brian Williams, Knight jokingly threatened that Williams either apologized or resign from his position at NBC:

We going to give him so many days and so many hours to get it right. He going to have to comply..either comply or leave.

Williams apologized for Hall’s omission on the following NBC Nightly Edition this past Wednesday (February 19th). However, Williams’ apology was framed with a sense of comedic retaliation:

In apologizing to Arsenio, we just want to point out, at least you’re in good company here. Last July, we left the state of New Hampshire off the map and had to apologize to a U.S. Senator. Just last night, we renamed the city of brotherly love, Philadelpia. Chalk it up to being up at 4 A.M. in the morning in Russia, but it won’t happen again.

Hall accepted Williams’ apology on his show hours after Williams’ apology and quickly disassociated himself and his show from Knight’s comments, as he reveals they were different than what they planned for him to say:

That was a a crazy moment because, let me tell you what happened. That was one of those moments when you know the joke he was supposed to tell, and Suge got real on they a*s. That wasn’t what we told Suge to say. Uh oh, Brian — Suge don’t stick to no script!

Check out Hall address the apology as well as Knight’s comments on The Arsenio Hall Show below: