Childish Gambino Discusses Calling Out Drake, Kendrick & Schoolboy + "White Rapper" Tweets


(AllHipHop News) Back in July, Childish Gambino called out rappers Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Schoolboy Q during a concert in Sydney, Australia. The Atlanta native declared himself the best rapper and said he would lyrically decapitate Drizzy, K. Dot, and Q.

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Gambino was asked about his onstage challenge to his peers during an interview on The Breakfast Club, and the rapper/actor explained why he puts himself above those specific emcees.

“I feel that way. That’s my truth. I said those rappers in particular because I feel like they’re the best,” said Gambino. “I’m sure they’re fine with it… Kendrick is fine with it… Drake is probably not taking it great, but I know the TDE guys. They’d understand. They’re one of the realest dudes in Hip Hop. They understand it. We’re in competition.”

The “3005” performer was involved in another moment of controversy this summer when he sent out a series of tweets about wanting to be a white rapper.

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The “poem” featured Gambino offering his take on why even though some people call him a “white rapper” he does not receive the benefits of actually belonging to that demographic.

“It was a poem about freedom. I’m not going to explain my art, because that’s not what art’s supposed to do. It’s supposed to be a conversation,” stated Gambino. “When was the last time somebody was mad about a poem? I did that. That poem’s about freedom. I do want to be big and white. Will Smith is big and white.”

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Watch Childish Gambino’s full interview below.