David Banner Introduces Live-Action Superhero Series "Walking With Gods"

Discover David Banner’s New Superhero Web-Series “Walking With Gods”

(AllHipHop News) Mississippi rapper/producer David Banner shares a last name with comic book character Bruce Banner, the mild-mannered physicist who transforms into the building-smashing Hulk, so it is fitting that the Southern University graduate would want to venture into making superhero art. Instead of putting his stories on pages, David Banner embraces new media by creating a live action series on YouTube.

Banner’s Walking With Gods centers around the main character Aket Heru. Aket is betrayed by his brother Liel after he discovers that Aket will ascend to the throne when their royal father dies. Aket is stripped of his memory by the evil spirit Setus and becomes completely unaware of his powers. Setus kills Aket’s family and keeps him alive for thousands of years simply for entertainment.

After Aket, now known as Alex Light, becomes awakened to his god-like abilities, he goes on a mission to fully restore his powers and break the age-old curse.

The first four parts to the series have been released so far. Walking With Gods is funded by Banner’s 2M1 Movement.

“The 2M1 Movement represents a grassroots attempt to assert our collective independence by taking control of our movies, our music and our creative content,” said Banner in a statement.

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Watch parts 1-4 of Walking With Gods below.

photo credit: Annette Navarro