DMC Set To Release His First Graphic Novel, Talks Getting Confidence From The Hulk


(AllHipHop News) Rappers have become wrestlers, actors and now graphic novelists. Today (August 21st), DMC announces the creation of his independent publishing house Daryl Makes Comics and announces an upcoming novel.

DMC #1 will be the first release from the new publishing house and features a superhero named DMC whom “dons his tracksuit and Adidas sneakers to defend the city’s marginalized citizens against super villain and super hero alike” according to the press release. Comic books have been a large part of DMC’s life for decades and he attributes one particular comic book character with helping shape his confidence during Run DMC’s early days:

When Run came to me the first time and said ‘Yo, we’re putting you in the group,’ I was a nervous little nerdy kid. I didn’t want to get up in front of y’all and rhyme but then what gave me confidence, out there on stage was pretending that I was the Hulk on the microphone.

The story was created by DMC, along with Damian Scott and Ronald Wimberly. DMC believes that this novel is simply an extension of Hip Hop’s tradition of creative diversity:

Hip hop was always based on creativity. So what we’re trying to do with this comic book is not trying to create anything that’s new; we’re just going to show the world what’s already there… the beauty and the creativity of it.

The novel is set to be released October 29th, however attendees at the New York Comic Con event will get an advance look. The New York Comic Con event is scheduled to take place from October 9th until October 12th at the Javits Center in New York City.