Dr. Dre's Son Explains Why His Father Did Not Want Him In N.W.A. Biopic

Dr. Dre’s Son Explains Why His Father Did Not Want Him In N.W.A. Biopic

(AllHipHop News) As of today (June 26th), Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson is the only relative of from the original N.W.A. group to have a starring role in the upcoming biopic, Straight Outta Compton. According to Dr. Dre’s son, not only did he try out for the role but his father was one of the people who decided against his son acting in the movie.

Dr. Dre’s son, Curtis Young recently appeared in the film My Trip To The Dark Side and will be appearing in a new film entitled Blame It On The Hustle. While Young’s acting career is burgeoning, he informed XXL that his biological father felt it was not enough to portray him in the upcoming N.W.A. biopic:

I actually tried out for the role, ’cause the casting company called me. But my father wanted somebody with more acting experience, and I haven’t been acting for a long time, so I’m happy for the guy that got the role. It’s one of those things where we want what’s best for the movie and for the film. I had a lot of fans that were upset about it, but whatever’s best for the film, that presents it in that light, then I’m for it.

Young was born on December 15, 1981 and first met Dre after a DNA test proved Dre to be Curtis’ biological father. Curtis currently has an album out on iTunes entitled Doctor’s  Note and an upcoming album Product Of My DNA that he has been working on since 2010:

It’s a story based on my life, what I’ve been through, and me finding out who my father was in a DNA test. Feel good music at the same time, but it’s gonna be more story tracks, more all-around talking about the struggles and me overcoming them. Really more personal, things I have to get off my chest. Let people understand who I am and know me for Curtis Young and not just as the son of Dr. Dre.