EXCLUSIVE: Bedloo Featured In DJ Khaled's "They Dont Love You No More" (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Bedloo Featured In DJ Khaled’s “They Dont Love You No More” (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The fans indirectly dictate how an artist operates within the music industry and new social media app Bedloo has taken that ideal and manifested it into a democratic app for the Facebook generation. Daron Destiny, Todd Jones, Vincent Plummer, the founders of Bedloo, speak EXCLUSIVELY with AllHipHop about being featured in the upcoming DJ Khaled music video “They Don’t Love You No More”.

The Bedloo app consists of users posing questions and other users choosing between two choices and leaving comments on their choices. Back in April, Migos releaed a music video for their song “Bedloo” which featured the app being used by fans to pick everything from the group’s wardrobe to “which girl I want today”. According to Daron Destiny, the app will be featured in the upcoming DJ Khaled video due to Migos’ video’s popularity.

Bedloo is available only at the Apple App Store.

Check out the founders of Bedloo speak about their involvement in the upcoming DJ Khaled video with Jay Z, Rick Ross, Meek Mill and French Montana for “They Don’t Love You No More” below: