EXCLUSIVE: CyHi The Prynce Talks “Black Hystori Project”, Gangstas on Instagram + More (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) CyHi The Prynce might be one of the few G.O.O.D. Music artists yet to release a debut album to retail, but according to him he’s still the best rapper alive. In PART ONE of our exclusive interview with CyHi The Prynce, the G.O.O.D. Music signee talks why he made Black Hystori Project, social media ganstas, why he is the best lyricist from the South and more.

According to CyHi, the inspiration for the project’s concept derived from his nephew being told he could not do his Black History project on Cyhi due to his lack of importance. Cyhi explains that Black Hystori Project is a byproduct of ensuring the relevancy of Black History in the school system and proving his old school wrong:

My nephew, last year, tried to do his Black History project on me at a school that I used to go to and they told him I wasn’t important enough. I’m the most important person from this area. What do you mean I’m not important? I took it among myself…okay cool, I’m going to make the Black History project myself. It’s a bunch of things around it. I understand they’re trying to take it out the school system so, I did something to keep it relevant.

Black Hystori Project is founded on astute observations of culture. All the observations were not didactic lessons on Black history as on “Napolean” he rapped “how you a gangsta but on Instagram, emoji-ing?” In a world where gangsta rappers are sending threats through computers, CyHi explains what this phenomena says about the rapper mystique:

That was just a situation where dudes were talking like they crazy and be on Instagram with emjois. N*gga the gangstas I know ain’t on Instagram… They don’t even like you saying “k”. You need to say O-K. [Laughs]. Different things like that, man. But, I really wanted to give people the…let them know that sometimes what you believe is so super street and super real is not.

Cyhi’s lack of commercial success is an afterthought when he describes his ranking in Hip Hop. The man who has rapped on songs with Jay Z, Pusha T, J. Cole, Big Sean, Kanye West and many others proudly asserts that not only has Kanye called him “one of the greatest lyricists that ever lived” but that he has never been outshined on a song. His confidence even leads him to claim that he is the best lyricist from the South out now:

Where I’m from, the best rappers are T.I., Cyhi, [Andre 3000]. You might throw Jeezy in that. A few people say a Luda or whatever. I feel like I’m the best, as far as rap, lyricist wise. Those guys might be realer street ni**as than me, or richer than me, or have badder b*ches or have doper cars. But if you throw us in a circle, turn a beat on, I think I’ll be the last one standing.

Check out PART ONE of AllHipHop’s exclusive interview with CyHi The Prynce below: