Hip-Hop Rumors: What Made Kendrick Lamar Laugh Hysterically During The Hip-Hop Awards?


Uh Oh…

Something may be brewing and its not beef stew. Kendrick Lamar and his TDE Crew may have gotten the last laugh. Over the weekend at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, there was no beef. BUT, something awkward happened. French Montana was doing his song “Ain’t Worried About Nothing,” but the show put a twist to it. They remixed it with Diddy, Snoop and Rick Ross, all performing verses. This is what happened. During Diddy’s part, a young man was to bring out a crown and Diddy was to put it on top of his head. But, when the kid was coming out, Diddy didn’t see him approaching and Diddy’s elbow swung up and knocked the crown off the pillow onto the floor! It was a quick moment to the audience. Diddy quickly recovered and put the crown on his head and kept rapping. BUT, we heard the Kendrick and the TDE Crew were back stage laughing up a storm! Nobody knows for sure, but it seems like Diddy was making a statement with people calling themselves King. Kendrick likes to call himself King Kendrick as well as the King of New York. LOL! But, what was funny is when the comedian that warmed up the crowd ask the ATL audience if Kendrick was the King of New York, a lot of them scream “YES!” This was not during taping.