Kanye West: I'm A "Number One Slave", Doesn't Care About "Control" + More (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Kanye West loquacious nature does not seem to be stopping anytime soon as the rapper with speeches mid performance is interviewed by Power 99 in Philadelphia. In the interview, Kanye speaks on his future ambitions, how he is “one of the number one slaves” and why he really does not care about Kendrick Lamar’s “Control”  verse.

In the lengthy interview, Kanye speaks heavily on the oligarchy in the fashion world and its exclusion of not only himself but other artists. Deeming himself a “number one slave”, Kanye explains his song “New Slaves” by using his current predicament:

I started with the superficial, psychological form of slavery of just being a slave of fashion. Also, me being one of the number one slaves that picks the most cotton and stuff and coming like, ‘m####, can I get like a little bit of land and maybe I can get a house for my family?’ They like ‘no, you can’t. All you can do is promote our clothes for us. All you can do, you and all your celebrity friends, all you can do is promote for us. And, what we want to do is keep serving y’all ni**as with these Louis Vutton prints ’till none of y’all bills is paid and making y’all feel like that’s the most important thing. I’m sitting in Paris like, ‘I’m about to turn up on them.

Within Kanye’s detailed explanation of his ambitions for his “product” line coming next September, was Mr. West’s timetable he has placed on his fashion and product ambitions as well as his next major field to enter:

There is no one that can have  an iPhone, no matter how corny that are, that can make you not want to have an iPhone. And I believe that in product we can do the same thing. This is where I Steve Jobs up on these n*ggas, because I see the gap in the market and I’m going to make life more easier and more fair and I’m going to do that for about five years and then I’m going to turn up on education.

Kanye states he has not named his upcoming album he is currently working on and G.O.O.D. Music has “talked about” the now mythic “Cruel Winter”.  While he discussed Hip Hop in depth, when the conversation turned to Kendrick Lamar’s polarizing “Control” verse, he is dismissive of its reaction:

I don’t care, really. It don’t..It don’t..it’s Hip Hop. You asking a man who took a Confederate flag, what what do you think about…Everything is nothing, man. It’s the matrix, man. Someone built this building. Somebody can tear this down. People coming to work. People got kids. People got bills. It’s funny how easily amused we are as a public, as a people currently.

Check out Kanye talk Watch The Throne 2, the “highest level of disrespect” he experienced from the paparazzi and more in the full interview below: