Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess Who Says Sorry To Kanye West And Kim Kardashian?


I thought Laila Ali was a G, but it looks like she’s realized the error of her mouth. She recently talked to Egypt and said sorry to the Don ‘Ye and his Lady.

Egypt: Laila, are you there babe?

Laila: I am here, how are you doing?

Egypt: Girl, this just seems so silly. But I know that you kinda had something on your heart when I called you too that you wanted to share with everybody. How did this thing just get blown out of proportion?

Laila: Okay, I was recently at a charity event and I was asked my opinion on some of these non-traditional and creative names and I was speaking very candidly and honestly as I always do. And you know, as a parent, knowing how cruel the world is and the bullying, and you know, kids have to grow up and get a job one day, I did say that I think some of these name choices are stupid. I do realize that it was a poor choice of words, you know, and it wasn’t to single out Kim or Kanye. I actually mentioned a bunch of names, not just the name North. It was a general opinion to a question that I was asked, but it doesn’t matter. I do realize and I take responsibility for it. I have no problem doing that. It was a poor choice of words that I used.

Egypt: Okay.

Laila: You know I actually reached out to Kim and Kanye to apologize.

Egypt: You know I think that’s very admirable of you because not too many people would have…said you know what, wait. Errr! Let me just put the brakes on here. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that or it came out wrong. But you know some people would even say you only said what everybody else was thinking, you know?

Laila: Well, that usually is the case.

Egypt: Let me tell y’all people something. If you keep naming your babies Glamadia and CharnetMoet Rose, come on they’re going to have trouble getting a job. In the future, we gotta think smart.

Laila: Exactly.

Egypt: These are your kids lives. Alright, thanks so much Laila!

Laila: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clear that up.

Egypt: Absolutely.


Photo Credit: Allen Cooley

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