Last Minute Holiday Gifts For Your Hip-Hop Head


There is only a week left until Christmas and if you are still looking for a cool gift for the hip-hop head in your life, we have a few great gift ideas for you.

The Hip Hop Dance Experience

hip hop danceNow, if you are shopping for a dude (and who isn’t? It’s a male-dominated artform), this may not top your list. But, The Hip Hop Dance Experience is an incredibly fun game, and if you bring it to your family’s holiday gathering, you will be a conquering hero when you get your aunts and little cousins dancing to TLC’s “Creep”. The game is available for Wii, but more fun on XBox Kinect, and with a price of only around $40, it fits almost any budget.

A Subscription to Complex

complexThe Original Buyer’s Guide for Men is a great magazine for your Hip-Hop head. It’s full of cool articles, reviews, and lists on music, fashion, and technology.

Around for 10 years now, Complex offers a keen insight into this culture. Their website is cool, but be even more trendy and contribute to the resurgence of print media. Besides, a two-year subscription is only $10.

Hip Hopsicles Ice Tray

ice cubesThis great party tray is available on Amazon and other online retailers. The tray features a turntable, dollar sign, and microphone, and is a great conversation starter. You can fill the trays with water or get creative and fill them with (gin and) juice. With an average price of around $6, this is a cool and refreshing gift for your Hip-Hop head. You know who this would be perfect for? Ice Cube.

Wall Decals

wayne decorCustomize your Hip-Hop head’s space with an original wall decal. You can have favorite lyrics or even artist photos made into large wall stickers for that personal touch. sells these decals at a starting price of $16.95 (plus shipping). Luxe Loft offers an even greater selection of customizable word decals that can add Hip-Hop flair to any space. Besides, who wouldn’t want Lil Wayne lyrics in their baby nursery?

Rapping Paper

ChristmasInHollis_SmallThis was inevitable. My only regret is that I didn’t invent it. This gift paper features lyrics from some of your favorite rap artists. From Eminem to Run DMC, this is an awesome way to gift your Hip-Hop head. The only drawback is that the paper ships from the UK and will barely make it here on time. But, if it does come late, it will also make a great way to wrap a birthday gift, or it could even be a cool gift itself. Priced at $7 including shipping, this is sure to be a conversation piece (or karaoke starter!) for the Hip-Hop head in your life.

He knows when you’ve been naughty, knows when you’ve been nice! So what’s on your Hip-Hop holiday wish list? Tell us in the comment section!