Lil Durk’s Attorney Presents Evidence That The Gun Wasn’t His

Witnesses Say Gun Wasn’t Lil Durk’s

(AllHipHop News) This week news broke that Chicago’s Lil Durk, 20, was arrested on a gun charge. Durk’s attorney, Sam Adam Jr., told a judge that his client was wrongly arrested because the gun didn’t belong to the Def Jam rapper.

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According to Adam, another man by the name of Clarence January signed an affidavit claiming that the stolen .40  caliber glock police confiscated belonged to him.

“[January] tried to tell the officers at the time [that it was his gun] but they took [Durk] anyway,” Adam told Cook County Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil.

Officers say Lil Durk tossed the gun into a nearby car on Wednesday morning before he was arrested. Durk (real name Durk Banks) is currently on parole for a previous weapon conviction.

January is also 20 years old and a convicted felon. Several signed affidavits contest that witnesses saw January, aka BJ, throw the gun into the car.

One witness said that police officers repeatedly asked, “who’s gun is this?” and January responded, “It’s my gun.”

According to a witness, officers ignored January as he admitted that the gun was in his possession, and allegedly one cop  told him, “give me reason to kill your black ass.”

Judge Ciesil issued a $100,000 bail for Lil Durk saying she had to take the prosecution’s allegations and Durk’s criminal past into consideration.

Adam told the judge that even though Durk is signed to a major label, he has not been able to earn much money yet because he is still a new artist. He also mentioned that Durk’s pregnant wife is expected to give birth today.

source: Chicago Sun-Times