OPINION: Rappers Act Tough, But Scared To Help In “Chiraq”


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This is an OG call.

I am calling out you so-called rappers, R&B artists and athletes, since many of you have forgotten what Hip-Hop is about and how it can help our people. So I would like to start by calling out some famous people from Chicago.

Kanye West, Noonie Ward, Common
Kanye West, Noonie Ward, Common

Common, Kanye, R. Kelly and Derrick Rose: All of these children are not going to school, being shot and not going to school.

They are on some BS, because they don’t have any sense of direction or the will to strive and survive. Over 48 schools have been closed in the city, so they have nothing else to do but gang bang, get money and do what they need to do.

And this is by design because it’s not the entire city, yet the city has never had this much violence. We were the murder capital of the United States in 2012 along.

Lincoln Park, Washington Park, all of the white areas, there is hardly any violence. But we have the same Mayor and the same police chief. But the guns, and the drugs and liquor stores are in OUR community and being sold to OUR children.

In fact, a lot of them smoke and get high and drunk to HIP-HOP music.

Noonie Ward on Cover of Feds
Noonie Ward on Cover of Feds

You all have no issues asking them to purchase your music, or to support you when you come to Chicago to perform.

You are the main ones who thrive off of the people, while the industry “pimps” you all. Maybe this is the reason you don’t do enough to help, or support the children in Chicago.

A lot of rappers have no problem demeaning our sisters, like predators, instead of showing them a different way to live.

Most artists have some sort of non-profit foundation, that other people are running. You are not using these to help the people who really need the help. At the end of the day, the hood sees no parts of these or any other resources.

Now, Kanye wearing the Confederate flag is interesting. Sometimes it seems like rappers are worse than the Ku Klux Klan.

The people in streets are starting to wake up and see your bulls**t. It won’t be so easy for you all to come to these cities and perform if the local population begins to boycott your products.

I need you all to come together as one with the guys on the street. We need to sit down and find solutions for the kids. First I propose meaningful dialog with some of the top “leaders” of these local street gangs.

Then we can move forward with a public showing of unity, such as a peace summit, or any meaningful display of unity, to help calm these troubled streets.

T.I., Chris Brown, Trey Songz, 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill, Drake, Future, the list could go on and on.

For once in your life, do what your heart says and not what the powers that be tell you to do.

Help your brothers and sisters.

If you run a label, manage an artist, or simply want to help, please contact me at: nooniehk@aol.com

Harold “Noonie” Ward is an Independent, community activist from Chicago. He was worked with President Barack Obama when he was a community activist in Altgeld Gardens, State Senator Napoleon Harris, State Senator Kirk Dillard, Governor Jim Edgar, Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica and others. He recently ran for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner.