Rappers Ecstatic About Obama Second Term Win


(AllHipHop News) Despite a divided country and a narrow margin in the popular vote, America chose last night to re-elect President Barack Obama to his second term in office.

Throughout the election process, rappers and entertainers throughout the Hip-Hop world reacted to the race for re-election by encouraging the youth to vote and nearly all rappers in the industry were in support for Obama throughout the process.

On Election day this year, youth and minorities set record levels for voter turnout, as youth voters increased from 18% to 19% and a little over 49% of eligible youth showed up to vote according to MTV News.

“It feels even better the secoond time around!!!! “#obama2012,” Diddy Tweeted

“Romney lost his birthplace (MI), the state he governed (MA), the other states he has houses in (CA, NH) and his VP’s home state (WI,” John Legend said via Twitter.

“OBAMA. 2012-2016 is yours,” California rapper Game told his followers

“All the blacks goin up kuz my n#### #Obama got 4 more years , #400,” YG said from his Twitter account Yg400 ‏@YG

Important to Obama’s victory were the so-called “swing states” that could have been won by the either party in close races in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida and others.

“Obama Won!” Mac Miller proclaimed after his home state of Pennsylvania went blue for Democrat.

“I knew Ohio would come through #Obama,” Ohio’s Stalley told his followers from his account ‏@Stalley.

While the country is clearly divided on several issues, Obama has already made it clear that he plans to reach across the isle to get more done in his second term by working with the Republicans and by choosing a diverse group of people for his Presidential Cabinet.

More news as details emerge.