Star Responds To Snoop Dogg Threatening To Beat His A** (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Radio host Star added another round in his media battle with Snoop Dogg. During an episode of his Live & Direct show, Star fired back at the rapper for his recent Instagram video. On the IG post Snoop spoke directly to Star and said, “I’ll beat your motherf**king ass.”

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Star opened his “Just Who Is Snoop Dogg Tuesday” show by taking a few shots at Snoop’s fans, and he then showed love to the Doggystyle performer and the West Coast. But later Star’s attention turned to Snoop’s murder trial.

I’m choked up right now. Truth be told, we don’t see this n***a like that. For the babies who don’t know, back in 1996 Calvin Broadus was on trial for murder. He told the courtroom and I quote, “I’m not a gang member, and I’ve never shot anyone. I’m gang-affiliated, but I’m not a gang member.”

See, history has swept a lot of things up under the rug. And I’m not tryna stop nobody’s hustle. He’s a funny character type n***a. Ain’t he? We love him. I don’t take him serious. As a registered firearm carrier I’m not gonna respond, “Yeah yeah yeah, I’ll meet you in the street. Yadda yadda yadda.” N***a might be on that suing s**t. Get my gun taken away from me. I just don’t take him serious.

Dr. Dre was very disappointed. Dre didn’t even go to the trial. [Dre was thinking,] ‘N***a, I brought you in for some protection. You’re not a gang member? You never shot nobody? You’re on your own.”

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Watch Star’s Live & Direct videos below.