Suge Knight's Ex-Fiancee To Release Tell-All Book (Excerpts)

Suge Knight’s Ex Releasing Tell-All About “The Untold Death Row Story”

(AllHiphop News) The stories about Suge Knight have become things of legend, and now someone who was right by the former label head’s side is ready to share her experiences with the man. Knight’s former fiancée Stormey Ramdhan’s upcoming tell-all book, My Life With Knight, will cover the 20 years she spent with Suge as he helped build Death Row, attained wealth and fame, and ultimately lost it all.

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The memoir is being described as “the untold Death Row story as seen through the eyes of the woman behind the mogul” and “an inspiration journey that aims to help those overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their lives.”

Stormey Ramdhan

Read excerpts from My Life With Knight: The Woman Behind The Most Feared Man In Hip Hop and watch the behind-the-scenes video for the book’s promo shoot below.

It’s the summer of 1993; as a recent graduate of Crenshaw High School and at a point I was looking forward to leaving for North Carolina on scholarship, you could not have told me that my life would have changed before that even happened….

It’s just getting dark and he didn’t call yet. I’m in the front room of the house on Cadillac Boulevard watching TV with my little brother Alfey when the phone rings, it’s him! Suge wanted to know my address; I told him I’m off Cadillac and Robertson. It took him 10 to 15 minutes to get there. He pulled up in a new Black Mercedes SL 500 convertible with the top down, blasting music… Suge’s homeboy, Heron was in the passenger seat. So I thought, “That’s who went in my place,” but I couldn’t get mad; we had just met several hours earlier. To my surprise Suge was a total gentleman, I invited him in my house, my little brother Alfey greeted him at the door, while my mom Patty yells from the kitchen, “Who is at the door?” I reply “Mommy it’s my friend Suge.”

At that same moment everybody going back to Snoop’s trailer for another smoke out and they call out to me. I look that way and before I could answer Suge says, “Stormey, what you want to do, you want to f### with the help or you want to f### with the boss?” I told him, “I’m f###### with the boss.” He said, “Well get in, we going to Compton.” I wave to the girl’s goodbye and ask Suge, “Where am I going to sit?” He had his homeboy Neck Bone riding in the passenger seat, so I walk over to the other side as Neck Bone opens the door. I can tell he was thinking he did not want me on his lap, and I was thinking I do not want to sit on his lap, so I get in and sit on the center console leaning on Suge the whole ride to Compton, which was 20 minutes of straight awkwardness.