Wiz Khalifa Smokes Out "O.N.I.F.C" Listening Session In NYC


(AllHipHop News/Feature) Wiz Khalifa was in all of his “Hippie Rocker” glory last night at the NYC album listening session for his anticipated album, O.N.I.F.C. In true rock star form, the listening session took place at The Westway gentleman’s club, where the strippers had the night off, and instead three bikini-clad ladies – one painted as a tiger, one a zebra, and the other a cheetah – were prepped and ready to dance to Wiz’s new album.

Wiz Khalifa swooped in and set up shop at a table where he proceeded to roll several marijuana cigarettes and then one super, Harold and Kumar-sized blunt. Wiz’s Taylor Gang family was in the house, and he was warmly greeted by Lola Monroe, Tuki Carter, Chevy Woods, and Sledren.

The entire club filled with smoke, and with that, Wiz made his way to the mic to introduce his first track.

“I’m super excited about this project because we took a lot of time to make it and everybody whose involved just feels [that the album] is really special,” said Wiz Khalifa.

O.N.I.F.C begins with a track ironically called “Intro” and features 17-tracks in total. The album production from Pharrell Williams, Drumma Boy and Sledren give it a unique sonic sound and when listened to in succussion you can really appreciate the art in Wiz’s sequencing.

Wiz shows growth on this album and although he is still talking about smoking on that Keisha a whole lot, his writing is more evolved and complete this time around.

Below are the top five songs you need to look out for on Wiz Khalifa’s sophomore offering, O.N.I.F.C.

The Bluff featuring Cam’ron

The Bluff is the fifth song on the album and according to Wiz, “it’s a continuation of an earlier track called”Bluffin”. The Bluff features Harlem rapper Cam’ron and is most likely going to be Wiz’s next single and one of his favorite collaborations on the album. “That n*gga [Cam’ron] had such an influence on me my style and I never thought that I would get to meet him, let along do a song with him, said Wiz Khalifa. “Me doing this song with Cam was really big.”

Last night Wiz dropped a visual for the track which was shot in the streets and a laundry mat in Harlem. Check it out below:

Rise Above featuring Pharrell Williams, Tuki Carter & Amber Rose — Produced By Pharrell Williams

Wiz Khalifa sighted working with Pharrell Williams on the track ‘Rise Above’ as one of his dreams come true. “This song is awesome because he [Pharrell] made the beat for me right on the spot. I’m pretty sure he got contact high when he mad the beat because he went into a zone and he has a verse on here,” laughed Wiz Khalifa.

Wiz’s fiancée Amber Rose also makes a cameo on the song as does his artist Tuki Carter, who Wiz revealed does all of his tattoos. The track works effortlessly with Wiz’s voice and left me wishing that Pharrell had produced more tracks on Wiz’s album.

Bluffin’ featuring Berner — Produced By Drumma Boy

Wiz Khalifa is at his best alongside this Drumma Boy beat as his sometimes simple but to the point rhymes ride the beat good enough to have you bopping your head along in approval. This is the type of song that is going to get major burn in strip clubs everywhere, so there truly was not a better place to debut it, but at his listening session at Westway. Wiz revealed that this was one of the first songs that he recorded and he liked the track so much, it made it through all of the album push backs and reworks. “This one of the first songs I made off of the album. This was when I was in my mode and I felt like I had to make some hard sh*t and just let it all go,” explained Wiz Khalifa. The track features one of the newest members of the Taylor gang Berner who holds his own alongside Wiz. Drumma Boy also produced the track “It’s Nothing” featuring 2Chainz which is also a winner.

“Let It Go” featuring Akon

As Wiz so eloquently put it, ” ‘Let It Go’ is a song the whole world will enjoy.””Let It Go” is a natural single because of it’s chanty hook that is easy to remember and will have you singing “Let it go/let it go homie/We see through the traps/and the lies homie.” This is one of the most radio friendly songs on the album, but hard core Wiz Khalifa fans will also enjoy it.

“Initiation” (This Is For Them Taylors) — Produced By Sledgren

“Initiation” is the closest thing to Wiz’s blockbuster track, “Black & Yellow” that O.N.I.F.C. has. This song is sure to get the thugs dancing in the club and the ladies shaking that thang at the strip club. This is Mobb Deep’s ‘Antey Up’ 2. Sledgren created this bangin’ masterpiece in his attic and Wiz Khalifa’s rapid spitfire style works perfectly with the beat.

Overall, O.N.I.F.C. is sure to gain Wiz Khalifa a new brand of followers to add to his legion of Taylor fans everywhere. As Wiz put it, O.N.I.F.C. is “some great music to get stoned to and experience life.”


“Let It Go” (featuring Akon)
“The Bluff” (featuring Cam’ron)
“Work Hard, Play Hard”
“Got Everything” (featuring Courtney Noelle)
“Fall Asleep”
“It’s Nothin'” (featuring 2 Chainz)
“Rise Above” (featuring Pharrell & Amber Rose)
“Initiation” (featuring Lola Monroe)
“Up in It”
“No Limit”
“The Plan” (featuring Juicy J)
“Remember You” (featuring the Weeknd)