iPODS AND THE OLYMPICS: Music Is What Gets The Athletes Moving


Music sets the mood and tone for almost anything. It calms us down, brings back memories, and of course, and by all means, it pumps us up. The London Olympics can’t escape being bombarded by various hit records before any event is underway. It seems Hip-Hop is definitely making its presence felt – well, heard – during the 2012 Games.

Gymnast Danell Leyva, who walked away with the bronze, recently told “Good Morning America” that Drake and Lil Wayne keep him calm and motivated at the same time, and ready to compete. Many Olympians rely on music to get focused – it’s as much a part of their warm up as the actual warm up.

Jay-Z is a favorite among the U.S. basketball team, while track stars seem to love Beyonce. USA diver and silver medal winner, Abby Johnston‘s, favorite tune is “Cheers”. The rowing team loves a variety of USA records, paying homage to who they are fighting for the gold for. Track star Lolo Jones is all about head-banger, rock music, before making it to the finish line. Music’s impact is clear at the 2012 Olympics.

Michael Phelps keeps his headphones on until he literally jumps in the pool. Speaking of headphones, Beats By Dre, which is what some of the athletes are using to listen to all their music, is dealing with controversy over breaking marketing rules. The issue stems from the company passing out headphones during the games, and having athletes photographed with them.

As the 2012 Summer Olympics continue, so will the tunes. What you listen to daily just may be the music of champions.

Tawni Fears is a freelance writer and contributor to AllHipHop.com. Follow her on Twitter (@brwnsugaT).