Throwing Shade: Fresh Tips for Choosing Stylish Summer Eyewear From K. Michael


As an entertainment industry consultant, Khristian Michael built his reputation on his business acumen, keen eye for new trends, and his passion for style. His affinity for high fashion quickly helped him develop his own personal style, which included signature eyewear that he quickly became known for wearing.

In 2009, he made a logical business decision and decided to launch his own designer eyewear brand – Forever K Michael. Starting with painstaking research and development, Michael studied the materials that went into making eyewear, particularly lenses. He studied about shade gradient, transitional, and polarized lenses, making him completely hands-on in the designing of his product. He tested each material to be used in the frame for durability in addition to its luxury. And the result is beautiful.

The Forever K Michael Collection exudes quality, sophistication, and style. The luxury of the brand makes it classy and distinctive and worth the investment of between $80 and $150 per pair.

In addition to his signature luxury line, K. Michael designed Shaquille O’Neal’s Dunkman Eyewear, a sunglasses collection designed to combine style and functionality, with prices ranging from $30-$45. checked in with K. Michael about the Forever K Michael Collection and got tips on how to choose the best summer eyewear: Khristian, what actually goes into producing eyewear?

K. Michael: Eyewear production and design is a science that brings image and functionality together. It’s about being flexible in meeting the different images and personalities that your customers represent. For me, the designing is the fun part. It’s exciting to see my ideas become a reality in each style. What is the way to know what type of lens to choose?

K. Michael: In general, you want durable lens, something that doesn’t scratch up easily. Next up, would be shape and size, which would be determined by how you want it to look on your face. How does a person choose eyewear that best fits their face/personal style?

K. Michael: A person has to have an idea of what their personal style and need is. Eyewear is an extension of you, who you are or who you want to be. You always want to rock colors and styles that enhance your features and make your whole image pop. Then, is it OK to just rock one pair of shades all summer?

K. Michael: Yes, if you can find one that best fits your need and the different aspects in your life like work, play, and going out with your friends. If one is not enough, have at least one pair for each occasion or a few different styles for each occasion, it’s about what you like. I like to have options for different occasions. I know some people who love “cheap” sunglasses. Why not just rock the cheap two for $20 joints they sell at the mall?

K. Michael: Eyewear and, even more important, eye care is an essential part of your image and first impression. It’s an extension and investment in you. How much is your image worth to you? The Forever K Michael Collection is a high-end luxury brand. We’re in the same branding lane as Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana, our brand is about being polished, feeling sexy, and looking good. We believe it’s about always looking and feeling your best, it’s a way of life, and it’s how we function.

With that said, if you can find a two for $20 deal at the mall, and you like it, then get it. Style is about taste. Wear what works and feels good to you.

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