Buckshot Addresses His Argument With Hot 97’s Ebro Darden


(AllHipHop News) It appears the issues between Buckshot and Ebro Darden continue. After the rapper and the Hot 97 program director spoke face-to-face about comments each made about the other during their respective Combat Jack Show interviews, Buck addressed his problems with the radio personality again with VladTV.

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During the interview, Buckshot calls Ebro his “brother” but states that their contentious discussion about the state of New York Hip Hop was the result of Darden’s initial statements.

“Ebro set if off by talking some s**t,” says Buckshot. “Ebro got a habit of saying little slick s**t out the side of mouth. Then he just recently said, ‘F**k it. I’m going to take the role of the bad guy.’ That let’s you know dude is tired of being funny out the side of my mouth: ‘I’d rather just be the people’s bad guy, so I can say s**t I really want to say that gets n***as riled up’.”

At one point, Buck faces directly into the camera and once again addresses Ebro’s statements that Duck Down artists do not appeal to women.

“You standing there with a tight ass Moncler jacket on, and you sitting there talking about, ‘n***as don’t get no p***y’,” states Buck. “That’s all you really wanted to say.”

The Boot Camp Clik member took offense to Ebro’s suggestion that women at Duck Down shows get assaulted. He feels when someone in Ebro’s position makes those type of claims it can effect people’s decision to attend a show by artists from the label.

He also admits that Duck Down does not make “fruitcake songs” like Drake that appeal only to women, but adds that some rappers make records that both genders can enjoy.

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 Watch Buckshot’s interview below.