Hip-Hop Rumors: Tony Yayo: “Why Would I Diss 50 Cent?”


AHA! Tony Yayo was NOT dissing 50 Cent over the weekend. I think. He posed a question an I want to answer it.

If you missed it, hit the link: Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Tony Yayo Lick A Shot At 50 Cent?

The day after this happened, Yayo got back on twitter to clarify after all the dust settled. The G-Unity Capo said the following.

Now, all respect due, but Tony Yayo knows there are only a couple ways for that tweet to be interpreted. So, I will answers it. Why? Well its easy! 50 Cent has been saying a lot of stuff about Yayo and Banks and its not flattering. Also, 50 has been rolling tight with his new business bestie Floyd Mayweather. Also, it wasn’t the media, but T.Y. own followers that were hyping it up. Surely he’s not going to mess up what he has with 50 Cent to wage war, right? Never that. But, I am almost sure he can’t continue on without feeling a way about how 50 has talked in the media about him and Lloyd Banks. Also, let it be known that G-Unit isn’t the first crew to be headed up by a rapper or any of that. I’m not sure what formula he was referring to.

In related crap, The Game decided to add his two cents in as well.
The Game said: “uh oh, 50 gone cut off yo health benefits & stop ya Vitamin water shipments u keep it up lol”

The Game starting fights with former friends. I wonder if he did when he was a kid.

Looks like The Game is actually starting fights again, but with enemies! This was sent to AHH. For more, read: Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Game Bullying Another Artist?

This guy is about to get married?! Prioritize, man, prioritize!

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