HIP-HOP VOTES!: When Rappers Come Together Via Hip-Hop 2 Vote, A Cause Is Born


Editor’s Note: There are less than 75 days until voters nationwide will descend upon the polls to elect officials to some of the top offices in the country. This election year has been unlike any other in recent years past, and the critical issues that affect everyday citizens – like the economy, healthcare, and civil rights – matter more than ever.

AllHipHop.com is committed to helping convene the Hip-Hop generation at the polls. All this week, join us to learn about some of the ways OUR CULTURE is stepping up big to ensure the right to vote.

(AllHipHop News) Hakim Green and Queen Yonasda Lonewolf know a thing or two about movements that create change.

Queen Yonasda

Lonewolf, a rapper and granddaughter to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, has championed the rights of women, Native Americans, and all people for years. Green, a member of the now-defunct KRS-One offshoot, Channel Live, is known more for his Hip-Hop flavored activism around North Jersey these days than the agile rhymes he still delivers.

The two have joined forces alongside organizations such as the Hip Hop Union and local colleges and universities to create the Hip Hop 2 Vote movement, a nonpartisan effort to empower youth with a voice through their all-important votes at the polls this fall under the theme, “My Voice. My Vote. My Victory.”

Hakim Green of Channel Live

While there are lots of voter engagement initiatives springing forth in the final months before Election 2012, Hip Hop 2 Vote differs in the fact that it is rap artist driven. According to organizers, it also seeks to create an ongoing platform with Hip-Hop inspired solutions to a number of economic, social, and medical issues plaguing the community.

Lonewolf, who is also connected to the Wu-Tang Clan family, is helping to organize and host a series of Hip Hop 2 Vote summits around the country, with the aim of connecting people – especially the 18-35 year old demographic – to voter registration, policy education, and more.

Green recently led a Hip Hop 2 Vote summit at Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York, and the next two summits are set for September 23 and 24 at Lany College in Oakland, California, and October 6 at Project South Community Center, and October 7 at Phoenix College in Phoenix, Arizona.

Visit Hip Hop 2 Vote on Twitter (@HIPHOP2VOTE) and Facebook. Visit the official Hip Hop 2 Vote website – register to vote on the site and more.