Ray Rice Is Appealing Indefinite Suspension From The NFL (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Many sports insiders, fans, and women’s groups felt the NFL’s decision to indefinitely suspend Ray Rice for hitting his then fiancée Janay Palmer was too little, too late. But Rice is ready to argue the punishment was unfair according to a report by NBC Sports.

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The former Baltimore Ravens star is appealing the league’s ruling. He is claiming that he told NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell the truth about what happened the night he struck Palmer at an Atlantic City hotel. Other sources who were present during the meeting with Goodell have backed up that account as well.

At the moment, Goodell would actually have the final say on Rice’s appeal, but the running back and the NFL Players Union is expected to ask for an outside officer to oversee the hearing. Rice has hired his own personal attorney to handle the appeal.

The NFL originally suspended Rice for only two games, but after elevator footage of the incident was released the suspension was extended to an indefinite amount of time. Rice is essentially claiming he is being punished twice by the league for the same offense.

Rice was released from the Ravens after the video became public as well.

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Watch the NBC Sports report on Rice’s appeal below.