3 Critical Mistakes That Aspiring Musicians Should Avoid At All Costs As Per Aryf

Figure out what your fans love most about you – it could be your songwriting technique or a particular genre.

While numerous experts talk about the things that aspiring musicians should do, not many people talk about the potential pitfalls and mistakes that musicians should avoid. Of course, it’s essential to understand what to do, but it’s just as important to look at what not to do. So, we brought in an expert to guide us on the critical mistakes musicians should be careful of committing. Aryf a renowned name in the music scene, gave us the top 3 most common, lethal oversights that lead musicians to their downfall. 

Aryf hopes that by learning about these, aspirants can take corrective measures well in advance and steer clear of possibly disastrous results. 

Not Practicing Enough 

Getting cocky will benefit no one. You might be exceptional, but if you don’t practice consistently and hone your skills even further, you will be replaced with younger talent. While Aryf asks musicians not to be on edge constantly over this, he says that it is crucial to understand the importance of practice.  “You cannot undermine the importance of practicing each day. Your special skills are bound to get rusty over time, from vocal cords to instruments. The only way to stay on top of your game is to sharpen your skills, learn new things, and never lose touch with your humble side.”, Aryf notes. 

Not Keeping in Touch with Their Fans 

Many musicians start with the right idea – they have a finger on the pulse of their target demographic and create content that will find its audience once released. But somewhere along the way, artists forget why they’re doing this and who they’re doing it for. When you have music to sell, you are no longer doing it for yourself; you become part of a larger ecosystem with buyers’ wishes to recognize and abide by. 

“It is easy to lose sight of what’s important once you get the taste of fame. But don’t be one of those musicians who isolate their fans when things start looking up. Remember – your fans are the ones who made you, and if they so choose, they can make your whole world come crashing down, too. If you respect them and their wishes, you will always enjoy a splendid career.”, Aryf advises. 

Having Limited Range 

“Think of your favorite meal – is it just one big plate of desserts? That wouldn’t be too satisfying, would it? Imagine having that and only that every day for the rest of your life. You couldn’t. Then why should your fans put up with the limited range of your music?” Aryf explains.  

Figure out what your fans love most about you – it could be your songwriting technique or a particular genre. Then, to not be too ambitious, keep that one thing fans love about you the same, and experiment with other factors.  

Switching things up a little gives your fans a pleasant surprise, yet not so much that it would make you unrecognizable and uncomfortable. 

Versatility is tough to achieve, but it might be one of the ways to ensure that your fans never use words like “same,” “predictable,” or “boring.” when describing you.