Co-Signed By The Greats, King Lil G Wants To Co-Sign The Next Star 

King Lil G has been anointed by Suge and Kendrick, but he is looking to give back by co-signing the next star.

With a co-sign from Suge Knight and Kendrick Lamar, King Lil G is clearly in his own lane. With over 100 million streams from his hit, ‘Hopeless Boy,’ to maintaining 7 million monthly listeners as an independent artist, King Lil G is on his way to becoming one of the most successful Mexican rappers in the U.S.

Born in Mexico, but raised in LA, King Lil G’s stage name is derived from the Los Angeles Kings. With a unique sound that incorporates rap, hip-hop, and Spanish, the rapper was most influenced by Tupac and aims to bring back the 90s rap sound. With over 11 projects to date, King Lil G also has 11 Billboard plaques that reflect his work ethic and relationship with his loyal fan base. With his work being praised by XXL, Vibe, and Vice, King Lil G who is a high school dropout, wants others to use his life as motivation to succeed.

After being negatively impacted by contracts, King Lil G took it upon himself to go independent and start his own label. Now, as he continues to reach the pinnacles of success, he wants to sign street talent and give them a platform to be heard. With a new album approaching, King Lil G is ready for this new chapter in his music career.

Most recently he released a freestyle on YouTube titled “Disrespectful Freestyle” that has gained over 1.4 million views and counting. In the freestyle he blends his rap style with a little bit of English and Spanish and throws some slight shots at rappers in the game. Check out the freestyle video below. 

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