Patty Crash Talks New Album 'Born To Fall'; Gets Praised By Black Thought

patty crash


AllHipHop caught up with Philly-bred singer/rapper/songwriter Patty Crash to talk about her upcoming album, Born to Fall.

While she was crafting her  LP, her mentor and manager Richard Nichols was battling Leukemia, which was a crushing time for the 28-year-old. Watching Nichols struggle with the illness influenced the tone of her project, describing it as dark.

“The whole project is just this dark period and me kind of just exploring and getting back to what’s important,” she said as she wiped away tears.

Black Thought, who discovered Crash, also spoke to AllHipHop about how he first met Patty and discussed her promising future.

“As an artist, Patty has infinite potential,” said The Roots frontman. “She’s dope. She can go as far as she wants to go and take it wherever she wants to take it.”

Watch Patty talk about working with The Roots, not wanting to do music anymore at one point and more. Then watch Black Thought discuss his relationship with the singer.