Ceytra- “The Statement”


Who is Ceytra?

100% female but her flow goes harder than a lot of the fellas. If bars could kill, she feels we would be ordering a lot of coffins for the dead wannabe rappers of this new Hip-Hop generation. We haven’t heard fire like this in a while especially from a female. There are a lot of female rappers surfacing but not many have proved to own their spot. This is a track we feel Lil’ Kim, Nicki Minaj, and even Dej Loaf would appreciate.

The Chicago native, born to Nigerian parents made her way from the studios of the Southside to the red carpets of LA for the BET Awards Weekend 2015. She stunned the media with her bold presence and her thoughts on being a woman in Hip Hop. She is tough and beautiful and we foresee a bright future ahead for this merging lyricist.

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“I’m leaving it all on the table, gloves are off. At this point, I don’t have anything to loose. “Lyrically, I am here to empower women who have no voice. I want to be the voice for the girl that feels she is defeated. I have been bullied and called ugly because I don’t fit Hollywood’s typical standards. I’ve been broke, hungry and overlooked. Now it’s my time! I’m taking matters into my own hands and creating the life I am meant to have regardless of what people think. It’s time to eat and I’m not wasting any leftovers.”

When asked her why she penned the line, “I’m a problem right? White man hate that I got my sh*t together.” Ceytra replied saying;

“We’re not the headlines you read in the newspaper or what you see on TV. Society doesn’t want to see black people rise; they want us to become and act like the stereotypes they label us to be.”

What is “The Statement”?

“It’s a movement; it’s whatever you want to tell the world. It’s your elevator pitch. Your ’15 seconds’ to be impactful. You don’t have to measure up to anybody standards but your own. You can’t lead from the sidelines. Now, what’s your statement? What do you want the world to know about you? What do you want to leave behind, your legacy?”

Check out Ceytra’s video for “The Statement” below!