DJ Shortkutz Releases Debut Single, “Out of Love”

“Out of Love” is a testament to his experience and skillset, and you can’t help but get lost in the infectious rhymes and rhythms.

DJ Shortkutz has had a long and winding career in the music industry. With over 20 years of experience, he’s seen it all. From producing singles for chart-topping artists to performing live in prestigious venues around the world, DJ Shortkutz is no stranger to success. The DJ has played an integral role in crafting some of the most iconic records in the music industry, and he still stands as one of the best DJs today.

With his contagious energy and ability to hype a crowd, DJ Shortkutz has established his reputation as one of the hottest open format DJs and nightlife producers guaranteed to turn any event into a raging party with the biggest names in the entertainment business. And now, this talented entertainer has added a new feather to his cap. DJ Shortkutz has just launched “Out of Love”, his debut single that’s been years in the making.

This song is a testament to his experience and skillset, and you can’t help but get lost in the infectious rhymes and rhythms. Many fans and critics have praised the song for its catchy and upbeat rhythm that hypes you up and makes you forget your troubles for a while. DJ Shortkutz’s experience as a veteran music producer shines through on this track, making it easy to get lost in the infectious energy and power of the production.

This new disco track is 3 ½ minutes of good vibes, with a percussive element that makes you want to dance regardless of where you are. Even if you didn’t know the performer was a resident DJ in one of New York City’s hottest clubs, this groovy sound tells you he’s a talented artist with countless achievements under his belt. “Out of Love” has already received a lot of love from fans, attracting over 148K views on YouTube alone less than a month since its launch.

Throughout his career, DJ Shortkutz has worked alongside and produced chart-topping hits for legends like Rihanna, Tiesto, Drake, Kim Kardashian, and Justin Bieber, to name a few. The renowned producer has also collaborated with global brands like MTV, ABC, Grey Goose, ESPN, and Valentino on exclusive, star-studded performances in high-end destinations worldwide.

Some countries he’s performed in include Mexico, Panama, Japan, Bahamas, South Africa, Dubai, China, and throughout the Caribbean. At home, DJ Shortkutz has performed in almost all major cities across the US. Although he’s based in NYC, DJ Shortkutz also enjoys performing regularly in Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta, to name a few. That’s where he’s given most of his most iconic performances to this day.

Whether it’s a national music festival or a high-end corporate event, DJ Shortkutz is always ready to provide a good time. That commitment to excellence and attention to detail is one factor in the multi-talented performer’s success. The other ones are hard work and consistency, factors that have opened more and bigger doors for DJ Shortkutz in recent years. In the future, the DJ hopes to take his career even further through his music. He hopes to travel the world entertaining people and sharing the stage with big names in the entertainment industry.