E. Smitty Rounds Up Former Terror Squad Member Armageddon & King Phaze For Latest Single


XXL took a lot of heat this year for their incoming freshman class and though times have changed, E. Smitty, Armageddon & King Phaze have drawn the line between the lyrically inclined and the gimmicks.  E. Smitty looks to restore some balance back into the game with “Ain’t Ready” which features a cryptic message for the youth and the struggle to become relevant as talent is blundered and hustle is praised.

An E. Smitty produced record, he also shows off his lyrical talent as he touches on the civic duty of every emcee to speak on the social issues which affect the community. Armageddon, former member of Terror Squad, speaks on the over-saturation of hip hop, while King Phaze adds a valiant voice to the record with references to the late Big Pun and Bruce Lee.

This is the third Single off of E. Smitty’s fourthcoming Album “Hip-Hop Time Capsule,” a project Smitty created to help advance the culture and bridge the gap between the youth and the elders.

Stream “Ain’t Ready” below.