“Florida Singer Tevin Baker Talks New EP and big announcements”

Tevin Baker has one of the most distinct vocals we have ever heard, his angelic voice and soothing music is truly a rare vibe!
He is currently working on his upcoming EP and we had the chance to catch up with him to learn about his journey and breakthrough into the world of music.

Tell us a little bit more about your background, where were you born/raised, and how
you got into music.

I was raised in Deerfield Beach, FL. It’s about 45 mins north of Miami. I wasn’t raised in the
nicest neighborhood and I was always different from the people around me but I learned early
on to embrace that. It’s not about where you’re from it’s about where you’re going. 

Some familiar artists from my area are XXXTENTACION, Ace Hood, and Kodak Black.
I used to make these really annoying noises as a kid and they drove everyone in my family
crazy. Those “noises” eventually became words and those words became melodies. Still,
singing was just something that I would do for fun. It wasn’t until I went to The Mango Festival
where that would change.

The Mango Festival was my first live show experience. There were two stages, one for local
talent and one for the headliners. Pretty Ricky was really big at the time so it was jam-packed
with people from all over. One of the local dance groups had just got off stage and this one girl
caught my eye.

She was the prettiest girl in the world too so I made sure I introduced myself
and got her number. We were only like 11 at the time so it was a house phone and talking after
9 pm on school nights wasn’t gonna fly [Laughs]. I wanted to see and talk to her more but she lived in a

different city. She was a dance student at Parkway, a performing arts school in Fort
Lauderdale, Fl and told me that if I got accepted into one of the magnet programs they
would send a bus for me.

So, one morning my dad dropped me off at school and I pretended to walk in but I never did.
When he left I found the closest bus stop. I had never taken the city bus on my own but I knew
how to use Google. I figured it out and got there. I had already called the school and scheduled
an audition. I pretended to be my dad. Yeah, I was a very crafty kid. [Laughs] 

I met with a man named “Mr. John” and he kept asking me where my dad was, and I told him we should just get
started since my dad was “outside in the car stuck on a work call” and had to go soon. Mr
John showed me around and asked me which program I was interested in. I decided to sing a
song in hopes of being accepted into the vocal program. I sang John Legend’s Ordinary People
and funny enough Mr. John turned out to be the vocal director. Damn, there’s a lot of Johns’ in
this story [Laughs] 

So the next day I found out that I got accepted! I had to figure out how to
tell my mom what I did, but surprisingly enough she didn’t really trip. She took me the next day
and got me registered and that was the beginning of a path that I’m still on today. I was now
having to sing every day and I became well known for my voice. I was “the new kid that could

What are some of your biggest achievements and milestones?

1. Well being from Florida I didn’t grow up with many “big break” opportunities In regard to
music. Things are changing now but at the time Pit Bull and Flo Rida were really the only two
international artists within arms reach. 

I didn’t speak fluent Spanish so I thought Flo was my best bet. I told myself that one day I would get his attention and one day I actually did! 

I started posting videos of me singing covers on YouTube my second semester of college and a girl I
knew ended up becoming his personal assistant and showed him my videos. 

I got a phone call from him while he was in Vegas for the Grammy and he asked if I would be interested in meeting with his manager Freezy down in Miami. I, of course, agreed and the rest is history.

2. During the days of Myspace I would post a lot of my music and it would get the attention of
other local artists looking to collaborate. Some of those artists went on to become multi-platinum
selling artists such as, and Sean Kingston. 

At the time, I was more focused on my academics but having
people around me that became so successful by sticking with what they loved made it all the
more real to me. It made that dream that I once thought was unrealistic and achievable.

3. I once heard someone say if you’re in the room you deserve to be there. Well, I’ve been to
some rooms! Each time I’m reminded that I’m right where I’m supposed to be and to never
give up on my dreams.

4. While Being signed to Flo-Rida, I learned how to move like an artist. 

I’m so grateful for that experience.

How did your background affect your journey and current situation? What influenced you to become a Singer and Musical Artist?

So on my mom’s side, my family members are very creative, mostly with their hands. There is a
lot of sewing, cooking, and arts and crafts. On my dad’s side, work ethic comes into play. All of
the Bakers are hard workers. Because I was the only one in the family that was into music I
would be put on the spot often, and that’s what gave me the experience and confidence to
consider myself a singer.

Was there a certain moment that was a turning point in your life?

I was always told that I go to college, get a job, and start a family. That’s all I knew.
Academics came extremely easy to me, to a point where I never really felt like I was learning

I graduated high school early and went to FAMU with every intention of becoming a
Dermatologist. When I got there I just didn’t feel motivated to attend any of my classes. Being
away from home for the first time and not having any parents to force you to do anything didn’t
help either [Laughs] 

I was on academic probation the whole time and knew I didn’t want to be
there. My childhood friend Kisean famously known as Sean Kingston invited me to come to visit
him in Hollywood Hills, CA for Christmas break and it changed my life. 

It was my first time in California and it was my first time seeing Sean since he became a Pop-star. He lived in this amazing mansion overlooking the mountains and I couldn’t believe that the same kid I met on
myspace and made music with had attained all of this. 

I got back to my dorm room with two twin beds and a snoring roommate waiting on me. but I had a new perspective on what was possible and I wasn’t going to shortchange myself. I finished my freshman year of college and never went back.

How did that help you shift to who you are today?

That was just the beginning of my journey toward discovering my magic. The power of
manifestation. I strongly believe that when you believe you can have something, it’s already

What is next for Tevin Baker?!

I’m currently in the process of finishing my EP, I am putting my hear and soul into every word and melody. I feel like it’s finally time to share more of my music with the world.

I also have a BIG announcement coming up that I am not allowed to share at the moment, but I know it’s going to be something the fans will love and appreciate.

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