Hammo Shares His Journey From Professional Boxer To Rapper


Hammo gave up a successful boxing career to pursue his goal of being a famous rapper. Check out his new single “Heart & Soul.”

The desire to change and do better really does start from within, as proven by the Australian boxer and rapper Hammo

Ever since his childhood, he was exposed to the harsh realities of life and had to be assiduous at such a young age. Thanks to his past, he grew up knowing the importance of giving 100% to achieve his goals. That’s why despite his already booming career in boxing, he chose to give rap his all.

At age 17, Hammo spent some time in juvenile detention and even some time in jails when he was 20. Here, Hammo had a realization he wanted to lead a better life by pursuing his ambitions. However, he didn’t have a strong network of friends or family so the only one he could rely on was himself and his dream. 

What Made Hammo Into a Rapper

While Hammo is now a rapper with a renowned reputation for the tracks he’s written, he insists the title does not precisely describe his endeavor. After all, his compositions narrate his experiences in life and what he felt during those times, so he preferred that people label him as a storyteller instead. 

He is passionate and authentic with his songs

If there’s one thing in songs that listeners appreciate the most, it’s the sincerity in the lyrics. For Hammo who writes his own songs, they aren’t just words. His songs are based on personal experiences and things he went through himself, why listeners looking for the touch of authenticity in their music quickly appreciate his lyrics.

His tracks hit close to home

Most of Hammo’s songs deal with the sad and dark aspects of human life that people tend to secretly hide and bury, such as grief, anxiety, and depression. Aside from those conditions, he releases tracks to give people the courage to believe in themselves and not underestimate the power they have to accomplish their goals. His songs speak to the listeners’ hearts, especially if they’ve also felt down and helpless. That’s one reason why Hammo is making a buzz despite being relatively new to the rap scene.

He capitalized on his fame as a boxer

His life as a professional boxer and as a musician are two different things, but Hammo knows that making use of what’s at his disposal is a wise move. He’d built a reputation for being undefeated ever since he started boxing at age 12. With the number of people who already knew him for his talent, using his name and the platform has somehow given him an edge in letting his music be known. Becoming a rapper is Hammo’s his dream which is why he continues to write songs about his personal tales and sentiments. This is also Hammo’s own way of letting his story be known and create a connection with his audiences. 

His latest song, “Heart & Soul,” was released in February under his own label, Undefeated Records.