How Menohbeats Helps Young Artists Build Their Way to the Top

Menoh is a self-made success and he didn’t become great overnight. In the beginning, he had to juggle between school and music production.

Starting and thriving in the entertainment industry is not an easy feat. Even though you could be very talented, that alone might not be enough to see you find success. You need to build your name and establish your brand. Most importantly, you need a mentor who has been where you are and one who understands your vision. Award-winning music producer Menoh knows how hard that can be. That’s why he is out to make a difference in the lives of young artists and the industry in general.

At the moment, Menoh is a six-time platinum music producer. He is perhaps more known for his projects with award-winning artist Lil Tecca, with whom he has worked on many projects. Menoh produced two songs on Tecca’s album “We Love You Tecca.” The album was number one on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums billboard. It also took the number one spot on the Top Rap albums billboard. So far, the songs Menoh has produced have accumulated nearly 2B streams on different streaming platforms.

Menoh is a self-made success and he didn’t become great overnight. In the beginning, he had to juggle between school and music production. The more he concentrated on music production, the more his studies suffered. He became more and more disinterested in school, and his grades kept dropping. The music he’d given so much of his time to fail him, too. Although Menoh felt he was doing everything right, he wasn’t seeing any progress. With no one to guide him, his life started unraveling.

Menoh started planning his exit from the music scene. In his frustration, he deleted all but two of his creations. He then started looking for a buyer for his speakers. However, in a last act of hope, he sent his two beats to artist Lil Skies. Just as he was on the verge of shutting everything down, life changed again. Lil Skies picked up one beat and used it in his debut song, “Red Roses.” The track became an international hit and Menoh’s life, as he knew it, changed forever.

Success came with its issues too. At one point, Menoh became too comfortable with where he was in his career. As a result, he started becoming complacent. Things were different this time though, and luckily, he was surrounded by people who called him out. That pushed him to do better, and he started setting goals for himself. Each goal he achieved motivated him to do more, and that has helped him retain his success.

Menoh’s journey opened his eyes to the gaps in the industry. Consequently, he decided to change the game and to help as many artists as he could. He shares his wisdom to smaller producers as well, showing them the ropes as he wished someone had done for him. Menoh’s ultimate goal is to change how producers are seen and categorized in the industry.

In addition to producing quality music, Menoh wants to be known for pioneering change. He is committed to bringing opportunities and opening doors for up-and-coming producers. In the next few years, he hopes to open and run a successful management company for both producers and artists. There, he will share his expertise and inspire them to become the best versions of themselves.