Julian Caesar Releases Hot New Single, “Check My Resume”

“Houston Hip-hop weekly” lauded “Heir To The Throne” as a “captivating and moving debut that heralds the coming of a highly skilled lyricist, with a noteworthy sound.”

Music has evolved in multiple ways through the past decades. The change is more evident in raps, where artists have transcended heartbreaks and love stories to express other challenges and situations in life. Thanks to these modern artists, we now have songs for every mood, occasion, and feeling. In this regard, new additions continue to make the list. The renowned rapper Julian Caesar released his new single “Check my Resume.” Unarguably, the song did justice to its title, depicting the toils of an average job-seeker. No wonder “Check my Resume” is gaining massive attention across all major digital streaming platforms. 

Julian Caesar, the voice behind “Check my Resume,” is an American rapper, songwriter, recording artist, entrepreneur, and media proprietor. Born in Houston, Texas, in a family of musicians, Julian found his love and appreciation for music from a young age, but it wasn’t until he reached his 20s that he pursued music as a career. Demonstrating his passion for business, Julian has also worked as a project management professional consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as Sysco Foods, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young. Still, nothing has been more fulfilling than a music career. 

In 2013, Julian combined his passion for music and knowledge of business to launch a full-service entertainment company – Grand Monsieur Entertainment. The company is an umbrella to multiple business ventures like a record label, clothing company, artist management services, concert/ event promotion, lifestyle brand, and more. Basking in the success of his entertainment company, Julian released his debut studio album titled “Heir To The Throne” in 2018, which became a massive hit on digital streaming platforms. 

Julian garnered both national and international recognition from his debut project. The famous publication “Houston Hip-hop weekly” lauded “Heir To The Throne” as a “captivating and moving debut that heralds the coming of a highly skilled lyricist, with a noteworthy sound.” Ever since, he has been more consistent in his efforts, releasing hits every year. Unlike other artists who struggled to find recognition in music, Julian climbed the success ladder quickly. Julian had complete command over his craft right from the get-go, his first entry into the music industry. This helped him expand his identity without any limitations. 

Now he replicates the magic of his voice with his new song, “Check my Resume,” which touches upon all aspects of a job seeker. To be precise, the song speaks of the pain and yearnings of an average job seeker. Like all of Julian’s previous hits, this song also has hard-hitting music accompanied by rhythmic beats, and the power of lyrics triumphs over everything else. Julian has remained bold and unapologetic in “Check My Resume, ” which is why the song has resonated with many. 

As a rapper and entrepreneur, Julian is excited for the journey ahead and more audacious milestones yet to be accomplished. He wants to reach millions through his music, positively impacting their lives. Julian dreams of winning a Grammy someday and leaving a legacy for generations to follow. He also wants to see Grand Monsieur become a global platform for fresh talents supporting them through music publishing, concerts/ tour promotions, clothing/ merchandise, production, strategic brand development, and beyond.