Loso Tha Artist Returns With Part 3 Of His “Equilibrium” 

Loso Tha Artist

Loso Tha Artist is back once again and this time, it is with a vengeance. Check out his newest, “Equilibrium 3.”

Hailing from Omaha Nebraska, Hip Hop artist  Loso Tha Artist returns with part 3 of his “Equilibrium” series. The 7 joint project has Thomas Saddler on the boards and include Loso’s latest singles “Behind You” & “Reality Check” as well as it’s accompanying music video.

Loso returns with a vengeance, with E3 being his best work to date, touching on being slept-on since 2015, hustling to the top, and staying solid in a world full of clout chasers. Loso’s material is harshly explicit, street-affiliated, and uniquely lingo-driven with terminology that fans have grown to identify as one of the voices of the new generation. E3 is a good jump on point for both newfound fans and familiar fans looking to refresh themselves with the growth of Loso Tha Artist. Throughout the project, Loso indulges on several serious topics while sticking to the script and providing the listeners with that signature sound that previously developed his growing following. The content on this latest release will turn many doubters into believers.

Listen to “Equilibrium 3” below: