R&B Singer Adrian Marcel Emerges With A New Song And New Genre

Adrian Marcel

Adrian Marcel is back with a new single and album on the way. Check out the new vibes.

Rising R&B sensation Adrian Marcel has released his latest single, “Lovin Me,” from his highly anticipated project, RNBAY SZN, set to drop on Friday, July 12th via RnBay Music Collective.

The new single showcases Marcel’s extraordinary vocal talent and his dedication to highlighting the versatility within the emerging RNBAY genre, a unique blend of R&B influenced by the rich musical culture of the Bay Area. “Lovin Me” features smooth vocals, vibrant musicality, a groovy rhythm, and an undeniable SLAP that promises to resonate with fans both old and new. Marcel recalls the spontaneous moment he stumbled upon the beat creation process on Sonny B.’s Instagram Live, immediately recognizing its potential, “I told him to STOP immediately and bring it to the studio so we could pen it!” The rest, as they say, is history.

“Lovin Me” showcases a stellar collaboration between Adrian Marcel and Sonny B., who share songwriting credits alongside LA-based songwriter Ryn Nicole. With Sonny B’s production, the track features contributions from renowned Bay Area musicians, including Anthony Francisco on guitar and Pasely on solo keys, adding layers of authenticity and richness to the sound. This collaborative effort highlights the deep-rooted talent and camaraderie within the Bay Area music scene as Marcel and his team strive to create a sound that pays homage to their musical heritage while offering something fresh and compelling.

As an intricate piece of the RNBAY genre, “Lovin Me” delves into themes of unwavering love and masculine vulnerability, subjects Marcel passionately explores in his music. The song resonates with listeners who appreciate the complexities of long-term relationships and the emotional depth involved in expressing insecurities. “Through all your sacrifice, you stood by my side, but still, I can’t help wondering if you’re still in love with me,” sings Marcel, striking a chord with both single individuals and those in committed relationships. “Lovin Me” is set to become the next Cook Out favorite, a soulful anthem that speaks to the heart and spirit of its audience. By incorporating local vernacular and exploring themes of love and life, Marcel and Sonny B. have crafted a collection that invites listeners to experience the Bay Area’s distinct approach to R&B.

Get ready to experience the full spectrum of this Bay Area-born sound when RNBAY SZN drops on July 12th. Adrian Marcel is set to make waves in the music world, solidifying his place as a pioneer of the RNBAY genre.